Ideal Healthy Start Pak Peach 2.0

Ideal Healthy Start Pak Peach 2.0


Product Details

The Youngevity™ - 90 For Life – Ideal Healthy Body Start Pak 2.0 consists of three canisters of the Beyond Tangy Tangerine Peach Fusion 2.0, a bottle of the Beyond OsteoFX and an Ultimate EFA Plus. Why “ideal.” Because with this Pak we include two extra canister of the Beyond Tangy Tangerine Peach 2.0. This means you can saturate your system with the Beyond Tangy if you are of average weight or maintain if you are on the heavy side. Either way there is no running short of Tangy.

Since the Beyond Tangy is light on the so called “bone minerals” (calcium, magnesium, boron, zinc, etc.) it is important to always combine it, in a drink with the Beyond OsteoFX. In fact, the three products compliment each other beautifully supplying 87 of the 90 essential nutrients in the Beyond Tangy and Osteo as well as the remaining 3 (the omegas) in the EFA Plus. Although the pak only has a dozen or so fruits and vegetables, the product is certified organic and GMO free. As an antioxidant, it is a bit stronger than the coming in at an ORAC score of 8,000 compared to 5,000. Japanese mushrooms, believed to be very protective of cancer, are also included in the Peach 2.0.*

Try out the Ideal (Original) Start Pak (item code FL90910) for a month and then switch to the Peach 2.0. See which one you like the best.

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