Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Dr. Wallach talks about the body needing 90 essential nutrients. That is a lot more than I have ever heard we need. What does he mean by that?

There are a thousand tasks our body performs every hour, from pumping blood, to breathing, to building and repairing tissue, to maintaining the immune system. Each job involves the execution of a specific set of chemical events. Yet if we are to perform optimally, if every chemical reaction and transfer which needs to occur, is to occur, we must provide our body with the raw material required. One can't expect to bake a decent cake without eggs or flour or milk or sugar. Similarly, one can not expect the body to do the job it was designed to do without providing it with a full shelf of ingredients to work with. We need all the essential vitamins (16), the essential amino acids (12), all of the fatty acids (3) and the minerals, trace elements and rare earths proven to be essential to human health (60).

Can I get all the nutrients I need from my diet?

Plants can make carbohydrates, enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, fiber, fatty acids etc. yet they can not make minerals. Minerals exist in the soil and must come to us from the soil. A plant draws minerals up through its root system and delivers it to us in a colloidal, organically bound form. Unfortunately, due in part by the way in which agriculture has been practiced the past hundred years or so, the mineral content of our range and crop soils is at an all time low. Farmers can grow millions of bushels of corn by applying the fertilizer, NPK (nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus) to their fields. However, after five to seven years of harvesting crop after crop from the same field most of the minerals, especially the trace minerals and rare earths, are virtually 'strip mined' from the soil. Alarmingly low mineral content in soils worldwide was documented most recently at the 1993 "Eco" conference in Rio. The poverty of our soils translates into a lack of minerals in our diets and also may well diminish the plants own ability to manufacture other nutrients we need like vitamins, fatty acids and amino acids. Besides poor soils other factors contribute to malnourishment. More and more of our foods are now highly processed or manipulated to achieve a certain look or taste or convenience of preparation. Frozen orange juice, for example, has been shown by consumer magazines to be a pathetic substitute for fresh squeezed. Also, due to our fast paced lifestyle, we tend to neglect eating fresh fruits and vegetables, the very foods richest in precious vitamins and enzymes. Because it is next to impossible for us to get all 90 essential nutrients from our diet, it is imperative that we turn to other sources. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT WE SUPPLEMENT.

Dr. Wallach talks about colloidal minerals. What does he mean by that?

Minerals in a raw, inorganic form found in rocks and clay and soil are termed 'metallic' minerals. Metallic minerals have next to zero nutritional value. If ingested we can absorb only about 5 to 10% of what is there. In the 1970's a method of increasing the absorption of metallic minerals was devised. It is called 'chelation.' Chelation involves wrapping an enzyme or an amino acid around a metallic mineral. We get about 40% absorption from chelated mineral supplements. The best way for us to get the minerals we need is not by grazing on clay or taking in handfuls of chelated mineral tablets, it is by supplementing with full spectrum, liquid, organic, colloidal minerals. Organic colloidal minerals are minerals directly from plants grown in mineral rich soils. They are 98% absorbable. The minerals we get from food are organic colloidal minerals. The term 'colloidal' refers to the particle size. Colloids are extremely small particles. Some colloidal minerals are 700 times smaller than a red blood cell! The smaller the particle, the higher the surface to mass ratio. The more surface there is, proportionally, the greater the ease of absorption into the body (more surface to rub up against the villa in the small intestines, for example). When minerals are drawn up into the plant through its root system, the bio-electrical charge of the element is altered from positive to negative. This is important because the linings of our small intestines are positively charged. A magnetic gradient is established which effectively pulls in the needed nutrient. This, too, accounts for the high absorbability of liquid, organic colloidal minerals.

Why is it important that the colloidal minerals be organic?

Organic colloidal minerals are directly from plants. They come to us in tiny quantities, in 'trace' amounts and in a form the body can recognize and use. True organic colloidal minerals are negatively charged. Negatively charged particles do not collect as readily in fat or liver tissue as do positively charged or metallic minerals. When we get our minerals from plants, therefore, there is little danger of toxicity. Metallic minerals, on the other hand, are positively charged and can accumulate in soft body tissue. Metallic minerals are only 5 to 10% absorbable.

What make Dr. Wallach's Majestic Earth Minerals any better than any other company's liquid minerals?

When evaluating a liquid mineral product there are a number of important questions a smart consumer can ask. First, "What is the source?" Most companies won't tell you, or they will be very vague. Majestic Earth Minerals are truly organic: they come directly from plants. They don't come from an "ancient sea bed" or from rocks or shells or ores or salts, they come from plants that grew in virgin, mineral rich soils many, many years ago. The area where this ancient plant matter is mined is geologically unique and located in southeastern Utah. Youngevity conducts tours of the mine once a year. The operation is a complete open book. The next question a smart consumer will ask is, "Can you show me a laboratory assay showing the precise mineral content of your product?" Most companies will laugh at the request. Such an analysis is extremely expensive to conduct. An independent lab regularly analyzes majestic Earth Minerals. The report is published for all to see. The next question a smart consumer will ask is, "How do you extract the precious minerals from the plants?" The plant matter is placed in huge vats of purified water and the minerals are allowed to leach out gently and naturally over, typically three to four weeks. No chemicals are added and no heat is applied. The final question the savvy shopper will pose is, "How can I be assured of quality and purity?" There are no contaminates in our product. It is filtered and re-filtered through one of the most sophisticated (and patented) filtering systems in the industry. It would take pages of text to describe all the quality control measures that govern the production of our Majestic Earth Minerals. For a detailed account we encourage anyone to write us at for their copy (at cost) of the Cd "Quality, Quality, Quality" by Richard Renton, our chief quality control officer.

How do I get the highest return for my supplement dollar? Which products are the best value?

According to Dr. Wallach, no matter a person's age, sex, personal background or health challenge, the place to start when it comes to smart supplementation is with the basics: with taking in all 90 nutrients essential to human health on a daily basis. Just as we each need a daily intake of pure water, refreshing sleep and clean air, we also all need a daily intake of essential nutrients: the 60 essential minerals, the 16 essential vitamins, the 12 different essential amino acids (building blocks of protein) and the 3 essential fatty acids. A visit to Dr. Wallach's Online Shopping Cart Store will reveal over 700 individual wellness products. Certainly each has its own application and use and can add to a person's quality of life. However, rather than a scattershot approach, the most efficient, least expensive and logical way to make good use of Dr. Wallach's supplement offerings is to start with one of the "90 For Life" Foundationals. These are groupings of product which together deliver all 90 nutrients essential to human health. The most popular of the 90 For Life Foundations is called the Enhanced Healthy Start Kit (item code FL90908).

Youngevity offers so many quality supplements. It is all a little overwhelming. Can you suggest one simple, affordable supplemental package which will allow me to get started on Dr. Wallach's program, provide the 90 essential nutrients as he suggests and lay the nutritional groundwork necessary for me to get maximum benefit from the other nutritional supplements you offer?

The Enhanced Healthy Start Pak is our most user-friendly and most popular combination of nutritional supplements that, together, provide a "baseline" of the 90 nutrients essential to human health. The Enhanced Healthy Start Pak (FL90908) consists of two canisters of the Beyond Tangy Tangerine, one bottle of Beyond OsteoFX and one bottle of Ultimate EFA Plus. One Enhanced Healthy Start Pak costs $178.00 and provides enough product for an adult of average weight to supplement for one month at a "maintenance" or minimal level. For many, a maintenance intake serves as the perfect introduction to the power of superior supplementation. Those wishing to follow Dr. Wallach's advice to the letter, are encouraged to saturate their systems for the first 90 days before cutting back to a maintenance intake. Adding on another canister of Beyond Tangy Tangerine and another Bottle of Beyond OsteoFx usually does the trick (depending on body weight).

I am using a Healthy Start Pak (or some other combination of Youngevity's supplements) and am now taking in all of the 90 essential nutrients every day. Now I would like to customize my supplemental regimen to address my specific health challenges or goals. What would you suggest?

Government regulations forbid us from asserting that a particular nutritional supplement will address a specific health challenge. That being said, it is true that, over the years, nutritionists and scientists have associated some of the components or ingredients we use in our specialty products with particular, individual health challenges. Certainly, most agree that particular nutrients and nutrient cofactors support specific, healthy biological function. For example, it is widely held that calcium along with 23 other co-factors must be present in the body if the body is to achieve optimal dental and skeletal health. In the list to follow, the actual product name is shorthand for the individual ingredients each contains. These individual ingredients are all listed under "product contents" in our online catalog section.

  • GlucoGel -- Associated with supporting the musculo-skeletal.
  • SweetEze -- Associated with blood sugar metabolism.
  • Enzymes -- Associated with digestion and maximizing nutrient uptake.
  • Selenium -- Considered a powerful antioxidant associated with vascular health and robust immune response.
  • OPC-T -- Considered a powerful antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-cancer.
  • CardioFx -- Associated with the health of the heart muscle and the cardiovascular system.
  • CM Plus -- Associated with inflammation. Completely safe (unlike Vioxx and Celebrex)
  • CFx, OxyBody and KillerBioticFx -- Associated with a robust immune response.
  • Meal Replacement Shake(s) -- A very pure protein source. Associated with strong muscles and weight loss
  • ProstFx -- Associated with the health of the prostate gland.
  • Colloidal Silver -- Associated with burns, cuts, and scrapes. Wonderful mouthwash. Anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacteria

Dr. Wallach recommends saturating the system with his nutrients for the first 90 days. I can't afford a saturation intake. Should I forget about supplementing?

Absolutely not! Most of us are starving for essential nutrients and running terrible deficiencies, especially mineral deficiencies. Provide your body with even a modest amount of what it yearns for, deep inside, and you will be amazed at all the ways your own body will thank you for your newfound attention. The most important thing is to be consistent. Supplement every day with high quality, pure, bio-available, liquid, organic essential nutrients. A maintenance intake is usually about one half a saturation intake (in cost and quantity). At maintenance, health dividends may not accrue as quickly or dramatically, but that does not mean they will never show up. If you neglect your essential nutrient requirements all together, on the other hand, you will never harvest any amount of benefit.

Why can't I buy Dr. Wallach's products at my local health food store or drug store?

Dr. Wallach's products are purveyed through a network of Independent Distributors called "Associates." Anyone can become either a wholesale buyer of our supplements, called a "Preferred Customer" (PC), or an Associate. To register as a PC is FREE and, in fact, if you are a first time buyer on our site, we automatically register you as a PC, sending you your new Preferred Customer id# in the email. To register as an Associate requires the filing of a form and payment of a one time $25 plus tax Associate registration fee. As a PC or Associate you pay the same, published, wholesale price as everyone else and can place orders at the same, corporate warehouse where everyone else places their orders. Orders can be placed online, over the phone, or by mail. Since all the products originate from the same source and since everyone pays the same price for them, health food stores and drug stores can't make a profit selling Dr. Wallach's products. Some do stock the product just as a sort of public service, but most do not.

Dr. Wallach set things up this way, deliberately. His products are very special. They are not intended to sit, anonymously, next to, say, some mouthwash, at a local Walgreens. Instead, most of us learn about the products from people who are already using them and very much "in the know" about how to use them and why to use them. Youngevity spends next to nothing on conventional advertising but, rather, relies on word of mouth: friend telling friend: neighbor telling neighbor.

What is the typical shelf life of your products?

The minerals are elemental and so don't degrade. We stamp a date on the bottle but, in reality, they do not diminish in potency over time. Vitamins will degrade over time, especially if they are exposed to heat and air. That is why we recommend refrigerating all of our liquid supplements, especially those containing vitamins, after opening (Majestic Earth Classic, Tropical, etc.). If they are not opened, the average shelf life is about 24 months. The powders and pills need not be refrigerated.

How old and how healthy a man is Dr. Wallach?

Besides talking the talk, Dr. Wallach walks the walk. Dr. Wallach never lets a day go by without supplementing heavily with his very own liquid, organic supplements and he is incorruptible when it comes to following his own dietary advice. As a consequence he is a sterling example of how healthy a person in his or her 70's can be. Anyone who is around Dr. Wallach for any length of time will notice his indefatigable supply of energy, his passion and his mental clarity and perceptiveness. If the term "human dynamo" applies to anybody it applies to Dr. Wallach. He has more energy than three 18 year olds rolled into one. Dr. Wallach was born June 4, 1940. At the time of this writing (July 2014) he is 74 years old.

I have a number of health challenges. I'm willing to pay for a private consultation. Can I arrange for a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Wallach?

Years ago Dr. Wallach ran a lively Naturapathic practice in Portland, Oregon. As word spread concerning his talent and success, hundreds of people would show up at his door, more people than he could possibly treat. He decided to write a book. That didn't take the pressure off. In fact, his popularity grew. He realized the most effective way to reach the most people would be to make a tape explaining his core ideas about nutrition and health. The tape he made, entitled "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" is now world famous with well over 50 million copies in circulation. Dr. Wallach decided to close his practice, form a company to supply the public with reliable, high quality supplements, and hit the lecture circuit. Now he spends his time lecturing, holding seminars, writing more books, developing more educational materials and making appearances on TV and radio. He spends over 300 days out of every year taking his message to the public and in so doing has touched the lives of tens of millions.

Will Dr. Wallach answer email? What is his email address?

For all the reasons stated in the previous answer he no longer answers email.

Is it impossible to talk to Dr. Wallach, directly?

No. Anyone can talk to him, Monday through Friday, on air, on his daily, syndicated radio broadcast. If your local station(s) don’t carry the broadcast, call them and ask them: “Why not?”

I heard that copper can change my hair back from gray to my natural color. Is that really true? Do you sell the mineral copper? Do you guarantee the results?

Certainly we receive many reports of a return of natural hair color following, usually, six to seven months of consistent supplementation. Some customers have even sent photographs. However, whether any one, individual, will harvest such a benefit as a direct consequence of supplementing with Dr. Wallach's products is another question. After all, factors other than a copper deficiency may be at play. Age is a factor, food allergies, environmental stressors, genetics, dietary habits, and supplementation habits: all influence both the levels of copper present in the body and the loss of natural hair color, itself.

Trace amounts of copper must be present in the body in order for a series of biochemical events to occur which result, ultimately, in the delivery of pigment to the hair follicle. Copper is an essential nutrient. By definition, it cannot be manufactured by the body. It must be taken in either through food or supplementation. Terminate all intake of copper and your hair will turn gray. When mottled turkey feathers were all the rage in the 1950's, farmers deliberately cut copper out of their diet for, say, three or four weeks and then put it back in for three or four weeks to produce the "banded" effect.

Nutrients work best in the body when they are ingested in the right form and in the right proportion and when they are surrounded by other nutrient cofactors. For example, both Vitamin C and copper are essential nutrients, in yet, they are natural antagonists. Too much Vitamin C and copper levels plummet. Too much copper and Vitamin C levels plummet. Remember Linus Pauling? Remember how white his hair was and how paper thin his skin was? With all the antioxidant power of his much-loved Vitamin C he was successful at avoiding cancer and heart disease. However, he paid a price in the area of collagen production, the health of his vascular walls and, of course, his hair color.

A combination of the Beyond Tangy Tangerine, the Beyond OsteoFX and the EFA Plus establish a perfect "baseline" of all 90 nutrients essential to human health. Add the Ultimate Selenium (which contains both selenium and copper, two minerals which work synergistically) if you care to emphasize copper. Ultimate Selenium is beautifully balanced with the necessary cofactors of each constituent it contains.

I am overweight. Can supplementing help give me back the slim figure I had in my twenties?

When it comes to losing the unwelcome pounds that typically accompany growing older, supplementing wisely can support the benefits of a smart diet and regular exercise. No matter the health challenge, it is always best to lay down a "baseline" of the 90 essential nutrients (link here for a further explanation why). Consistent intake of the 90 nutrients essential to human health over time provides each of the body's "systems," including the body's metabolic system, with the raw material each requires to function optimally. Pounds gained due to sub-optimal metabolic function are easily shed once the body finds its way to full function.

We often suggest to those interested in losing weight that they simply commit to taking the 90 essential nutrients every day for five or six months, and do nothing else. It is often the case that those who follow this approach lose weight relatively effortlessly as a result of their body's returning to an optimal state of nutrition. As an additional benefit, optimal nutrition can make conditions right for an increase a person's energy levels, allowing them to lead a more active lifestyle, which can further contribute to weight loss.

Building on the 90 essential nutrients, emphasis can be placed on other beneficial nutrients. For example, the minerals chromium and vanadium support the body's effort to metabolize glucose, and when taken supplementally, tend to reduce cravings for sugar and other empty calorie foods. Dr. Wallach has formulated the supplement Ultimate Sweeteze for this very purpose. Also, whey protein supplements such as our Meal Replacement Shake(s), can be useful because whey is such a rich and pure source of protein. As many weight conscious people have learned over the years, the more successful you are at emphasizing protein in your diet over starch and sugar the better off you are. Protein tends to increase lean muscle mass, and as lean muscle mass increases the body metabolizes fat more efficiently, resulting in a slimmer and more healthy figure.

Start with the 90 essential nutrients, add other supplements in the Youngevity line as you see fit, continue to eat smart and exercise and, though there is no guarantee, we are confident you will lose weight and regain your youthful figure without having to endure draconian diets and workout regimens!

I have heard that the products Dr. Wallach recommends contain potentially harmful materials such as arsenic, lead, aluminum and cadmium. Is this true? If so, should I be concerned?

Majestic Earth Minerals are a "full spectrum" organic colloidal mineral supplement. The term "full spectrum" refers to the fact that Majestic Earth Minerals come directly from plants grown in soil containing a full or complete range of elements: from Aluminum and Antimony to Yttrium and Zirconium.

There are elements in the Majestic Earth minerals one would not dream of ingesting in a granular or metallic form. Lead, for example, cadmium, mercury, arsenic. In an organically bound form, however, in trace amounts, many of these same elements play an important role in the body's bio-chemistry. Arsenic, for example, helps facilitate neonatal growth and plays a part in metabolizing selenium, an element proven to be crucial to the health of the heart muscle. In a metallic form, on the other hand, arsenic can be deadly. In fact, it is 65 times more toxic than organically bound arsenic.

Many people worry about ingesting too much aluminum. It is associated with Alzheimer's Disease, after all. Yet what many do not realize is that fully 12% of the earth's crust consists of aluminum bound typically to either oxygen or silica. One can not buy a fruit, grain, nut, vegetable, etc. at any market that does not contain trace amounts of organically bound aluminum.

Another interesting fact is that due to the electro magnetic charge of organically bound minerals they cannot be stored in the body for longer than about 6 to 8 hours, thus they never create any sort of toxic overload. Minerals that come from inorganic sources such as rocks, clays and sea water can accumulate in the soft tissue of the body. Some plant- sourced minerals have been found to actually remove their heavy metal counterparts. For example, going back to aluminum, aluminum is very effective in not only cleansing the body at the cellular level but also in assisting it to remove any metallic aluminum that might be present.

I have received a "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" tape in the mail (or from a friend). I got the impression he endorsed another colloidal mineral product from his tape. Is this true?

The "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" tape is a recording of Dr. Wallach's standard lecture in which he argues for the use of full spectrum colloidal mineral supplementation. At the end of the lecture, during the last 3 to 4 minutes he encourages listeners to buy and use Soaring Eagle's Mineral Toddy.

Dr. Wallach's message is both powerful and persuasive. Companies wanting to cash in on the demand the tape generates have used it to sell their own products. Of course, to do so they have had to erase the last 3 to 4 minutes.

The original "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" tape was never copyrighted, although, obviously, the material on the tape is Dr. Wallach's own intellectual property. Dr. Wallach threatened legal action against companies guilty of pirating his material and distributing edited versions of the tape. He could not stop distribution but he did extract an agreement from many of the companies whereby each compensates him at the rate of 25 cents per tape and does not distribute the tape with the mention of their product any where near the sound of his voice. Nowhere on any of the abridged tapes is there mention of any specific colloidal mineral product. Other than mineral toddy and now Majestic Earth Minerals, Dr. Wallach has never publicly endorsed any other colloidal mineral product. Obviously, great pains have been taken by various companies to make it appear that he does but he does not.

What is the difference between Majestic Earth Minerals, Majestic Earth Tropical Plus and Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic?

Majestic Earth Minerals contain 72 elements: major minerals; trace minerals and rare earths. These minerals are leached directly from plants grown in virgin soil, in a mineral rich region. They are organic colloidal minerals of the highest quality.

Majestic Earth Tropical Plus contains 50% by volume Majestic Earth Minerals. The remaining 50% consists of a package of liquid chelated vitamins, liquid chelated major minerals and liquid amino acids. The drink supplies all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids essential to human health in a highly absorbable form and with its exotic natural tropical flavor tastes great! Since it is gentle on the G.I. tract it is perfect for the elderly and children.

Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic is 50% by volume Majestic Earth Minerals. The remaining 50% consists of a package of liquid chelated vitamins and a package of liquid amino acids as well as grape seed extract, bioflavonoids, coenzyme q10, and superoxide dismutase. Out of the 90 nutrients essential to human health, 87 are contained in the ultimate. The three missing nutrients are the fatty acids. They were omitted in order to keep the solution from congealing. Although ultimate is quite thick to inhibit separation and settling of the amino acids, it mixes nicely in orange juice. The flavor base is raspberry concentrate, the fruit concentrate which contains the least amount of sugar.

If Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic has everything in it, can I just take this supplement and be done with it?

Dr. Wallach estimates that for every nutrient we go without for a sustained period of time we subject ourselves, on average, to ten different degenerative diseases. This is why it is so important to take in all 90 essential nutrients on a daily basis. To make up for the many years most of us have been running deficits in certain nutrients, it is crucial that we start out by taking in what is termed a 'saturation dose' of Dr. Wallach's supplements. This involves taking one ounce of the Majestic Earth Minerals and one ounce of the majestic earth ultimate twice daily for 90 days. This supplies the body with 87 out of the 90 nutrients proven to be essential to human health. After the 90 days one cuts back to the 'maintenance dose' or one ounce of minerals per 100 pounds of body weight per day.

While it is possible to do the maintenance dose using Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic exclusively, after all it has practically everything in it, it is not recommended to do so. Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic contains 50% by volume Majestic Earth Minerals. A person weighing 150 pounds would have to use three full ounces of Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic each day to get enough minerals (1.5 Ounces). To do this, though, would mean overloading the body with vitamins and amino acids. Plus, the cost would be unnecessarily high. A much more sensible plan for a person weighing 150 pounds would be to take in one ounce of Majestic Earth Minerals and one ounce of majestic earth ultimate once per day. This would supply the required 1.5 Ounces of minerals as well as just the right proportion of vitamins and amino acids. Also, it would not cost as much.

Anyone experiencing musculo-skeletal problems should add in ultimate glucogel to the above described saturation dose (see pig pack). The ultimate glucogel provides collagen, important for connective tissue, chondroitin sulfate, raw material for building cartilage and glucosamine sulfate, helps with joint fluid matrix.

I don't have arthritis. Why would I want to take the Pig Pack?

The Pig Pack is not only useful to people suffering from nearly any type of muscular - skeletal problem, according to Dr. Wallach, it is also an excellent vehicle for obtaining 87 of the 90 nutrients essential to human health at a saturation level. Due to the poor quality of our range and crop soils many of us are at risk for chronic degenerative diseases of every description, including arthritis. It is estimated that up to 70 million Americans currently suffer from arthritis and the figure is expected to grow as the baby boom population ages. Therefore, doing the Pig Pack is an excellent way not only to gird the body against nearly every degenerative disease**, it is also a way to prevent one of the most widely spread afflictions, osteoarthritis.

If I am able to obtain 87 out of the 90 essential nutrients, which 3 are missing and how can I get them?

The three essential nutrients missing from the Pig Pack, and the saturation dose for that matter, are the essential fatty acids. These play an important role and should be part of one's daily diet. Essential fatty acids are present in certain legumes, nuts and especially in fish. If you prefer to get your efa's from supplements consider Youngevity's EFA Plus.

Would it be accurate to assume that the Majestic Earth supplements can be taken to cure my health challenges?

Dr. Wallach's approach to health and longevity is simple: avoid the land mines (sugar, alcohol, smoking, etc.) and give the body the tools it needs to do the job it is designed to do. Do this and the body will respond accordingly. The Majestic Earth supplements provide a marvelous nutritional foundation upon which optimum sustainable health can be achieved. These supplements are not drugs. They are not medicine. They are just good nutrition. Will they give us the best fighting chance we can have against degeneration and disease? Yes. Are they intended to 'cure' disease. No. Only the body, itself, ultimately, with its own instinct for survival, with its own innate intelligence can ever cure disease. How good of a job our body does, of course, depends on the sort of nutritional tools we provide it with.

Why aren't the concentrations of minerals in the Majestic Earth Mineral products listed on the bottle?

Majestic Earth Minerals is a natural product. The concentration of its individual components varies according to which batch of plant matter the minerals are extracted from. From time to time analysis of the product is performed at an independent laboratory. Results are published and made available to the public. Call 1-800-290-6124 for the most recent information.

What are Dr. Wallach theories with regard to diabetes, hypertension, gingivitis, cardiomyopathy?

No matter what sort of health challenge a person may have, Dr. Wallach's recommendation is always the same: "Start by saturating with all 90 essential nutrients. Follow the Healthy Pak Protocol or the Start Smart Protocol. This establishes the 'nutritional foundation' missing in most of the population chances are within the 90 days the body will swing back into balance and begin moving toward health. If, however, this does not happen, the next step is to consider “specialty” or “add-on” products as part of one’s daily regimen.

Please note: central to Dr. Wallach's theories on chronic degenerative disease is their relationship to food allergies. Food allergies often inhibit the body's ability to absorb nutrients thus sabotaging efforts to address such afflictions through nutritional strategies. In Dr. Wallach's own words, "the diagnosis and identification of specific food allergens takes quite a bit of work on your part to identify but is worth the effort as it can add 10 to 20 years to your life and make an enormous improvement in your quality of life."