Doc's Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic

Dr. Wallach's Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic is a liquid vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement containing a highly bio-available complex of nutrients formulated to be so complete that, taken along with the Dr. Wallach's Colloidal Minerals, little other supplementation is necessary. Majestic Earth Ultimate Tangy Tangerine (Majestic Earth Ultimate Tangy), like the Classic, contains the saMajestic Earth collection of nutrients essential to human health, but in a toned down, user-friendly version. The Tangy tastes better and pours more smoothly than the Classic, but contains less calcium, magnesium and zinc.

Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic is formulated in a base of double concentrated Majestic Earth Minerals, so in one bottle of the Classic one can find 14,700 mg of Majestic Earth Minerals. The rest of the formula consists of a proprietary mix of essential, liquid amino acids, major mineral colloidal chelates, essential liquid vitamins and a variety of specialty nutrient cofactors such as biotin, GDL, bioflavinoids, co enzyme Q10, grape seed extract, dimethylglycine, SOD, MSM, etc. Taken together these ingredients, all harvested from the very highest of quality sources, form the most ambitious, most robust, widest spectrum, liquid, nutritional drink on the market. Shop until your face turns blue, you just won't find another liquid product, powered by liquid, organic, plant derived minerals, that contains such an all-star line up of essential nutrients. Of course, just reading the list of contents won't tell you how the product performs in your own body. Better to just try it! If you are accustomed to tablet and capsule supplements, if you have been trying to beat a few miles out what you figure is a "bargain" of an alternative, fasten your seatbelt! Supplementing with Dr. Wallach's Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic is like switching from a broken down mule to a brand new Ferrari!

The Ultimate Classic Advantage: Superior Formulation and Quality Control

As a pioneer of complex, liquid, organic nutritional formulas, Dr. Wallach considers the Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic his proudest achievement. In fact, fellow nutritionists and formulators marvel at his ability to pack such a quantity and so comprehensive a grouping of pure and potent nutritional constituents into one bottle. Anyone with a little physics in their background or a knowledge of how, for example, glucosamine and calcium and magnesium (only 3 of over 90 constituents in the Classic!) behave in solution, will be astounded at the quantity of each, that every bottle contains. By supplying a synergistic, wide and balanced array of essential nutrients, the Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic, more so than any other product Dr. Wallach offers, honors the principle and the reality that the body works in balance. No one nutrient is allowed to dominate but, rather, each is combined with others, in the right quantity and proportion, to achieve biochemical balance and maximize efficacy. Competitors attempting to match the breadth of our ingredient list are forced to settle for laughably small concentrations of individual nutrients while those wishing to challenge our supremacy in quantity and concentration, find themselves woefully confined to a very narrow range of individual nutrient offerings.

Many who switch to the Classic after relying for years on the sort of standard fare, capsule and tablet form vitamins and minerals one typically finds on grocery store and drug store shelves, are thrilled once they experience the quantum difference in potency and efficacy the Classic delivers. "I've been taking the identical nutrients for years," they report, "why is your Classic so much better?" The sad truth is, government regulation is lax in our industry. Labels from two competing products might display the same line item of, for example, "10,000 IU of Vitamin A as beta carotene," yet, the first bottle might contain 99% pure beta-carotene while the beta-carotene in the second bottle may be only 40% pure.

Richard Renton, chief quality control officer at Youngevity, is such a fierce advocate and devout believer in quality and purity, if he were living in the 17th Century his first-born, two daughters would most probably carry those names ("Purity" and "Quality")! In Richard's words, "Our Classic starts with a base of the highest quality liquid, organic, minerals in the world. It would be unthinkable to settle for a lower standard when we vet the major mineral chelates, liquid vitamins, liquid amino acids and phytonutrients that also go into the Classic formula."

To achieve such a standard, Richard insists, number one, on a fully accredited laboratory with a staff of highly trained technicians. The particular facility used is so clean and high-tech that it is actually certified to formulate pharmaceutical grade drugs, yet chooses not to. Next, Richard oversees the mixing and blending stage. Giant, stainless steel drums are used, each kept tightly sealed throughout every stage of formulation so that no environmental contaminants can intrude. Employees are required to wear hairnets and sanitized clothing and gloves, not to protect them from the product but to protect the product from them. After all, dust is the enemy in any lab setting and the biggest part of dust is tiny flakes of skin. In Richard's lab, dust is never given a chance to interfere. While the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) publishes standards allowing so many, for example, rat droppings in food, Richard's approach is always, "Go beyond what is merely required." Richard's attitude is "zero" tolerance for all such contaminants. Finally, laboratory vigilance targets purity. When the label on the Classic reads "10,000 milligrams of beta carotene," Richard can confidently challenge any laboratory in the world to prove otherwise. 10,000 milligrams in a competitor's product might have 3,000 milligrams of actual beta carotene attached to 7,000 milligrams of something else, rendering it far less capable of delivering the same results.

With Ultimate Classic You Get What You Pay for and More!

Occasionally, those considering purchasing the Classic for the first time grumble about its price. At first glance, $40.50 per quart, does seem expensive. But is it? We invite anyone to go to, say, GNC, with our label in hand and really compare apples to apples. If you read the entire name of the nutrient appearing on our label, for example "calcium amino acid chelate" then find it there on the shelf at GNC, add it to your shopping cart and continue on down the list, once you are ready to check out, you will be confronted by a bill for around $347.00! If you are careful to compare quantity to quantity and quality to quality, trying to match our product in a retail setting is a very, very expensive proposition.

In addition to superior quantity and quality, Ultimate Classic contains specialty nutrient co-factors that distinguish the Classic formulation as both innovative and revolutionary. For example, one ingredient you are unlikely to find at a typical vitamin store (not stocked by GNC at the time of this writing) is GDL. The Classic contains a generous helping of GDL. Friendly bacteria in the lower intestine, where most nutrient absorption occurs, love GDL. They feed on it ravenously. And the unfriendly, pathogenic bacteria, also present in that part of the GI tract, hate GDL. Friendly bacteria that feed on the GDL will double and triple their population and in so doing crowd out the unfriendly bacteria. The end result, since good bacteria serve us as sort of "worker bees" for our digestion, is enhanced absorption of nutrients. Our nutrients are already in a highly recognizable and bio-available form. By including GDL in our formula we take the next step, supporting the body in its efforts to tone and prime the digestive tract so that nutrients that are presented and are available, can actually be taken right up and put to good use.

Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic is a truly unique and astonishing product. Eighty years and billions of dollars of research in the fields of agriculture, nutrition and veterinary, are literally poured in to every bottle. The Classic finds no equal in the marketplace of liquid supplementation but, rather, stands alone as the highest expression of the genius, talent, wisdom and experience of each member of our Scientific Advisory Board and, particularly, of Dr. Wallach, himself. In formulating the Classic, after all, Dr. Wallach was able to draw on his extensive training as both a primary care physician and a veterinarian, as well as draw on his experience as a nutritionist, clinician and research scientist. The breadth and diversity of knowledge that stands behind the Classic and the technical wizardry that allows its manufacture, guarantee its superiority as the premier, liquid, nutritional supplement, for years and years to come.

Why Take Both Majestic Earth Minerals and Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic?

Many people wonder why they need to purchase the Majestic Earth Minerals at all since the Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic contains Majestic Earth Minerals. The reason is, the Classic contains enough of the organic minerals found in the Majestic Earth Mineral to serve as a co-factor to the other essential nutrients, but not enough to satisfy an individual's total, daily mineral requirement. By itself the Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic can be thought of as a super-charged, liquid, amino acid, vitamin drink. Add on the Majestic Earth Minerals, though, and the Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic / Majestic Earth Mineral combination delivers a respectable quantity of the major minerals (in the Classic) and just the right quantity of all the other essential minerals (minor minerals, trace minerals and rare earth minerals).

Substituting Ultimate Tangy Tangerine and OsteoFx for the Classic

When Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic was formulated as the premier liquid, organic, Majestic Earthga mineral, Majestic Earthga vitamin amino acid drink it is, relatively little attention was given to such considerations as taste, convenience or viscosity. The mandate was, pure and simple, "Pack as much high quality, wide spectrum nutrition into one bottle as is physically possible." In spite of its genesis, most people find the taste perfectly acceptable, especially if it is mixed in some dilute, calcium enriched Minute Maid orange juice, as Dr. Wallach recommends. For those few individuals still bothered by the taste even after using orange juice and extra water, we recommend switching to a combination of the Majestic Earth Ultimate Tangy Tangerine and the Majestic Earth OsteoFx. The Majestic Earth Ultimate Tangy has a wonderful, tangy, tart, tangerine tastes that will tickle and delight your taste buds. Together the Majestic Earth Ultimate Tangy and Beyond OsteoFx make a delicious drink mixed in a tall glass of cold water and provide, actually more, nutritional support than the Classic alone.

Majestic Earth Ultimate Tangy is a user friendly but toned down version of the Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic. Lower quantities of calcium, magnesium and zinc in the Tangy insure smoothness and pouring ease while the added natural flavorings make supplement time, treat time. Beyond OsteoFx is Dr. Wallach's premier, liquid calcium offering. Since it contains mega quantities of the very nutrients the Tangy is low in, it serves as an ideal companion product to the Tangy.

By definition every essential nutrient (essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids) is vital or "essential" to human health. Withdraw one and, inevitably, over time, a person becomes subject to an average of 10 different degenerative, deficiency diseases. Calcium, though, deserves special Majestic Earthntion. Rather than the average of 10, over 140 different degenerative diseases can be traced to a deficiency in calcium. While the Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic contains a respectable 600 mg of calcium per fluid ounce, the Beyond OsteoFx contains double that, or 1200 mg per fluid ounce. Thus, anyone particularly concerned about calcium deficiency, would do well to consider using the Majestic Earth Ultimate Tangy / Beyond OsteoFx combination rather than the Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic exclusively.

Beyond OsteoFx is a very special product. While the Classic sets the standard, in our industry, in terms of a vitamin, mineral and amino acid liquid supplement, the Beyond OsteoFx sets the standard as the most advanced liquid calcium formulation on the market. Beyond OsteoFx contains a combination of two of the highest grade, most digestible forms of calcium, calcium citrate and tricalcium phosphate. By subjecting the calcium in OsteoFx to a relatively new (and expensive!!) technology called "molecular shaving," formulators achieve an unprecedented degree of particle size reduction. The particles of calcium in OsteoFx are so fine, in fact, that they go into colloidal suspension. As colloids they are easily and efficiently taken in by the body, transported by the blood and absorbed and put to use by cells throughout. Besides the mechanical advantage of tiny particle size, what makes Beyond OsteoFx both unique and superior is the number of important cofactors it contains. The body requires Vitamin D to absorb, deliver and "pack" calcium and phosphorus molecules into soft bone matrix. Boron, magnesium, strontium and zinc also play a major role and are included in just the right proportions. A combination of the OsteoFx and the Ultimate Tangy not only delivers therapeutic levels of calcium, magnesium and zinc beyond what is physically possible in the Classic, it also delivers all the other so called "bone minerals" and bone mineral co-factors in a carefully thought through and balanced formula. Considering the fact that over 147 degenerative diseases can be traced to a deficiency in calcium alone, and considering that, as a population our calcium intake is well below optimal levels, the extra expense of a bottle of OsteoFx is well worth it.*