Doc Wallach’s “Secret Sauce”

When Dr. Wallach uses the term “secret sauce” it can have two meanings, depending on the context. First, it can refer to our flagship trace mineral, minor mineral and rare earth mineral product, Majestic Earth Minerals. Just as an exquisite sauce can transform a boring dish into high cuisine, the Majestic Earth Minerals, which we are careful to include in all our nutritional formulas, provide the micronutrient cofactors the body requires to make optimal use of all the other nutrients it takes in. And second, it can refer to the “add-on” or specialty supplement which, when added to a basic, Healthy Start Pak, can target support to specific physical function. For example, “SweetEze,” is the “secret sauce” when it comes to supporting glucose metabolism. Add it to a basic 90 For Life Pak and you’ve got a Healthy Body Blood Sugar Pak.

Doc’s sauce is “secret” in the sense that it is unique to the Youngevity line. Youngevity is the only company of its kind that enjoys exclusive rights to the source material of its Majestic Earth Minerals. Our products work while supplements from other companies fall short precisely because we use the secret sauce to enhance performance and target support to particular areas of concern.

Good Nutrition Starts With Minerals

Of all the 90 essential nutrients our bodies require for optimal function, (essential minerals, vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids), the minerals are, arguably, the most important. The minerals, after all, comprise 60 of the 90 essential nutrients, the lion's share of what we need, and they are the one group of nutrient most likely to be missing from the food we eat. This is because while plants can manufacture vitamins, essential amino acids and fatty acids they cannot manufacture minerals. To get to the minerals they need (and we need), plants rely on the soil in which they grow. Plants draw in minerals from the soil one tiny, sometimes microscopic, parcel at a time, through their vast, tentacle-like complex of roots and then put those minerals to work doing the job of sustaining life. In an ideal world we would take in our daily requirement of minerals by eating plants that grow in mineral rich soils and by eating animals that feed on those very same plants. Sadly, though, commercial farming over the past 100 years, along with acid rain, the use of petrochemical fertilizers, flood management and top soil erosion, has managed to deplete our range and crop soils of most minerals, especially, the very scarce and precious trace minerals, minor minerals and rare earth minerals so vital to biological function. As our soils have become impoverished, so too has our food supply and so too, ultimately, has our own health. .

What Makes Majestic Earth Minerals Superior to Other Mineral Supplements

Unlike other "wanna-be" mineral supplement products on the market, Dr. Wallach's Majestic Earth Minerals come to us directly from plants grown in virgin, mineral rich soils. The plants, the organic material from which we extract the minerals we pour into each bottle of Majestic Earth Minerals, actually grew many, many years ago in a pristine, pre-human, mineral-rich environment. They are from an age, in fact, when the land produced gargantuan trees and lush vegetation. This plant material was entombed, vacuum-sealed, and preserved through the ages by a gentle blanket of volcanic ash and subsequent layers of additional sediment. The mining site where we obtain our "raw material" of mineral rich plant matter is a unique one, geologically speaking, located up in the hills of southeastern Utah. .

In the first part of the mineral extraction operation the miners follow veins of the organic material, expertly blasting them free from their ore and rock housing. Then they gather up the debris with huge backhoes and cart it off to giant vats of fresh spring water. There the colloidal minerals, being water soluble, are leached from the plants. No chemical or thermal "accelerators" are used. Rather, the minerals are allowed to gently dissolve over a three to four week period. The resulting, raw "tea" containing the valuable minerals as well as ores and some sediment is then filtered and re-filtered, over and over again. Our onsite engineer is actually a man of some distinction holding an exclusive patent on various highly sophisticated filtering systems. In this way, through careful, patented, filtering, all the metallic contaminants, rock particles, ores and dirt, being of substantially larger size than the colloidal minerals, are removed. Then the filtered tea goes to the processing plant where it is thoroughly scrubbed of any biological contaminants and balanced to the right, the ideal concentration of suspended liquid organic minerals (19,000 mg/ liter). .

Youngevity is the only company of its kind to have exclusive rights to the minerals. While there are other mining operations nearby, they are very much "mom & pop" operations in comparison. They can't match the filtering system or the years of expertise that stands behind Dr. Wallach's very own Majestic Earth Minerals. Other operations, typically, drill down to, at the most, about 3 ½ feet. Contrast this to the average depth of over 70 feet for the veins of plant matter we harvest. Since minerals in the earth's top soil are distributed unevenly (like chocolate in chocolate ripple ice cream) plants growing during different geological eras and in varying geological conditions will draw up a differing "mix" of minerals for each era and set of conditions. Thus, to get a full spectrum of minerals, it is important to have at least a 7 foot vertical draw in order to acquire plants grown in a variety of contexts. As a potential consumer of liquid minerals, two important questions to ask before purchasing a liquid mineral product from a company other than Dr. Wallach's are, "How do they achieve a 'full spectrum' of minerals," and "Is there an independent laboratory report on their minerals verifying a 'full spectrum' of minerals?" Independent laboratories regularly analyze the organic minerals in Dr.Wallach's Majestic Earth Minerals. For a look at one such, what is called an "assay," please click here. .

Minerals and the Human Body

It is difficult to overstate the importance of minerals as they apply to human biology. Every job our body does from fending off infection, to keeping a regular heartbeat, to growing hair is performed by a series of biochemical events and every such event requires the presence of one, two, three, four, sometimes a dozen different minerals. Try making, for example, elastin (fibrous tissue in skin, muscle and blood vessels) without the presence of trace amounts of the mineral, copper. It is simply physically impossible. Various metalloenzymes are involved, Vitamin C must be available, as well as certain proteins and the mineral copper. If a person's stores of copper are low, if he isn't taking in bioavailable copper on a regular basis either from the food he eats or from supplements he is using, if this has been the case for years and years, then, predictably, his skin will begin to sag and wrinkle. Elastin, after all, provides the tensile strength for skin tissue. His blood vessels, too, will weaken, increasing the likelihood of aneurysm or stroke. A weave of fibrous strands of elastin keep blood vessels strong just like the nylon weave in the walls of a garden hose or bicycle tire keep those "vessels" strong, protecting against a blow out. Copper is just one essential mineral out of sixty, in yet besides serving in this one small role of making elastin, it is required for physiological functions as diverse as RNA, DNA, lysiloxidase and melatonin production (hair and skin pigment), electron transfer for sub cellular respiration, etc. The list goes on and on. To describe every biochemical event in the body requiring one or more of the essential minerals would require an entire library shelf. .

Does this mean that supplementing with colloidal copper, specifically with the colloidal copper contained in Dr. Wallach's Majestic Earth Minerals, will rid you of gray hair or make your wrinkles go away or render you bullet proof against stroke or aneurysm? No. Certainly we get reports of all of the above, restoration of natural hair color, for example, after around the seventh or eighth month of consistent supplementation. But in no way is such a change guaranteed. Why not? Because, besides the presence of trace amounts of copper, there are other factors, some of which we can control and some of which we cannot, that play into the equation of melatonin production and impact the chemical processes responsible for delivering pigment to the hair follicle. For example, diet, food allergies, vascular health, environmental stressors, age, genetics, hormone levels, exposure to radiation, personal hygiene, etc. By supplementing, one takes a giant step forward in terms of making conditions ripe for such a "result," to occur but, again, nutrients are not drugs. They don't force a specific, direct reaction. Instead they serve in the wider context of a complete and complex and interdependent and interconnected biological system. As long as we are good stewards of that system, of our own body, as long as we "do the basics" of supplying our body with clean air and water and plenty of rest and moderate exercise AND the 90 nutrients essential to human health, we can reasonably expect optimal function. Again, it goes back to the plant analogy. Provide that little seedling with sunshine, fertile soil, adequate water, space and the right temperature and good things will happen. .

Majestic Earth Minerals as a Source for the Major Minerals

Dr. Wallach's Majestic Earth Minerals are not a particularly rich source of the major minerals like calcium, magnesium and zinc. If you look at the laboratory assay, you will see that the major minerals appear in the same very minute quantities as do the other, more scarce and rarified minerals (like ytterbium). This is because Majestic Earth Minerals come directly from plants and plants only need so much of each mineral for their own, internal purposes. Lucky for us, we, too, need only "trace" amounts of most of the sixty essential minerals. In fact, too much of some of the trace minerals, like arsenic or mercury, for example, can harm us. They can't harm us in a liquid, organic, colloidal form since, in that form the body can easily excrete them if they are unneeded, but they can harm us in a metallic or salt form. We do need a higher daily intake of the major minerals. Since there is a greater stock of major minerals in our soils, for example the calcium we all know about contained in limestone particles, it is not all that difficult to get the major minerals we need from our diet. Bananas have a lot of potassium. Almonds contain high quantities of magnesium. There is calcium in milk and yogurt and broccoli and cottage cheese. Of course, many of us, stuck inside the typical, Western diet, may miss out on even the major minerals or have them crowded out of our system by processed, nutrient empty foods. So, Dr. Wallach includes extra quantities of these major minerals in the form of mineral chelates in his other core supplement products. But the Majestic Earth Minerals are important and make it to the list of "core supplements" because there is no better or more complete or higher quality source of all the minor minerals, trace minerals and rare earth minerals so vital to optimal function. .

The Saturation vs. the Maintenance Dose

The Majestic Earth Minerals come in a 32 fluid ounce (1 quart) container and cost $19 at wholesale. Dr. Wallach advises that we saturate our system for the first 90 days. A saturation intake is a case of "one size fits all," two fluid ounces (4 Tablespoons) mixed in water or fruit juice with to be taken in with food, twice daily, with breakfast and dinner. After the ninety days, a person can cut back to a maintenance intake, which is tagged to body weight. A maintenance intake is one fluid ounce (2 Tablespoons) per 100 pounds of body weight, once daily. Thus, regardless of body weight, a person will need 4 bottles per month the first three months. After the three months, a person weighing, say 180 pounds, will need roughly two bottles per month to maintain. .

If Nothing Else, Use the Minerals

The Majestic Earth Minerals comprise 60 of the 90 essential nutrients we all need on a daily basis. Because the body works in balance, they are best used in combination with other supplements (to be discussed in the pages that follow), containing a complimentary profile of essential nutrients. However, if budget prevents this, it is best to concentrate one's purchasing power exclusively on the minerals. After all, since it is the minerals, particularly the non-major minerals, we as a population are most at risk for in terms of deficiency disease and since the Majestic Earth Minerals are ideal for providing this crucial component to our diet and since it is possible with very disciplined and conscientious eating patterns to get the other nutrients from food, a person can get the best bang for their (limited) buck by supplementing, properly and consistently, with the Majestic Earth Minerals. .

If budget allows, of course, it is far preferable to use the Majestic Earth Mineral product in combination with the other core supplement products. The combination is formulated to fill out an individual's insurance policy of complete essential nutrient intake. Since the Majestic Earth Minerals are used as a base to all of Dr. Wallach's liquid supplements, (they are that important!), one doesn't need as much of the straight Majestic Earth Minerals when using them in combination as one needs using the Majestic Earth Minerals, exclusively. .

How Best to Take the Majestic Earth Minerals

It is best to take in the liquid minerals with food. Eating switches on your digestive system, gets all the right juices flowing, making the body ready to receive the minerals. Use plenty of water, as well, with the minerals (10 to 12 ounces of water is ideal). Refrigerate the bottles after opening and shake hard before serving. To enhance the effectiveness of the Majestic Earth Minerals it is best to avoid sugar, caffeine, phosphoric acid (in soda pop) and vegetable oil. Some include a little dab of orange juice with their mineral drink or else pour the minerals in with their favorite smoothie. .