Ultimate™ Mineral Caps™ - 64 Capsules - (4 Pack)

Ultimate™ Mineral Caps™ - 64 Capsules - (4 Pack)


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Some great news from the New Product Department at Youngevity: We now offer our Majestic Earth Minerals in a capsule, Ultimate Mineral Caps, as well as the original liquid form. One capsule equals one fluid ounce of the Majestic Earth Minerals. They finally figured out how to remove all the water from the Majestic Earth Minerals without losing any of the, sometime microscopic, quantity of individual mineral, in colloidal suspension.

To prove a point, one can actually empty out, say, a capsule of the new powder into a cup of hot water and the minerals will go right back into suspension. What this breakthrough means is that travelers who find it inconvenient to use the Majestic Earth Minerals in a liquid form, can substitute the capsules.

Also, of course, since the capsules are lighter, shipping is less. While this doesn’t affect cost for domestic purchases, since shipping cost, domestically, is based on product cost rather than product weight, if you have friends overseas, they can realize a substantial savings when it comes to shipping.

The organic, colloidal, plant derived minerals are the cornerstone of the entire Dr. Wallach product line. Learn more about this remarkable product by going to the LEARNING CENTER.*

Purchase by the 4 – Pack and save.

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