Ultimate MemoryFx 4 - Pack

Ultimate MemoryFx  4 - Pack


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Youngevity's Ultimate MemoryFx: Are you whistling that tune from the Wizard of Oz, “If I Only Had a Brain?” We have brains but like any other valuable asset we need to care for our brains. Especially as we age, as the brain naturally shrinks and hardens. Choline is important, good fats, folate, antioxidants. All this and more are expertly combined in Ultimate MemoryFx.

We learned a lot about cognition the past 15 years. For generations it was commonly assumed that mental ground lost was inevitably mental ground never to be regained. But our brains, as it turns out, are surprisingly “plastic.” With exercise (mental and physical), the right sort of nutritional support and avoidance of sugary / starchy foods and bad fats, entire networks of new neural pathways can form.Make MemorFx a centerpiece of your supplement routine. Don’t forget!!*

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