Ultimate Enzymes®- 120 capsules (4 Pack)

Ultimate Enzymes®- 120 capsules (4 Pack)


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The body produces specific types of enzymes to help digest particular foods, for example, proteases for digesting protein, lipases for fat and amylases for carbohydrates. As we age we become less and less able to manufacture the enzymes we need for digestion and absorption. Another ingredient Dr. Wallach includes in his enzyme product is Betaine-HCL. This, too, works to tear down and chemically disassemble undigested food and supplements by maintaining ideal pH levels. Without sufficient quantity or variety of enzymes our bodies becomes less and less able to absorb nutrients and this can initiate a whole sequence of undesirable events.

After all, scratch the idea of "we are what we EAT." WE ARE WHAT WE ABSORB and nutrients, whether they come from the food we eat or from Dr. Wallach’s supplements, are useless unless our body can absorb them.

In the body enzymes serve as a sort of "key." They bind to nutrients and then, due to their molecular shape, are able to "unlock" cells, basically delivering or hand feeding our cells needed nutrients. Enzymes are a catalyst, a facilitator, a bridge between nutrient intake, and use or absorption. They are the "spark" or point of ignition for us. Use enzymes and you will, most likely, re-introduce yourself to your own "life force," to that feeling of unlimited health, vigor and vitality, potency, clarity, purpose, etc. The enzymes are great, too, for ridding yourself of the "belch and f--- syndrome" and, surprisingly, according to Dr. Wallach, play a role in dissolving blood clots.

Our Ultimate Enzymes cover a full spectrum of type. They are designed to be taken about ten minutes before eating or supplementing (2 to 5, depending on how heavy a meal you are about to eat).*

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