Ultimate EFA™ - 180 Soft Gels

Ultimate EFA™ - 180 Soft Gels


Product Details

Ultimate EFA (essential fatty acids) contains a blend of essential fats beautifully proportioned to reflect the needs of the typical Western diet. We insist on organic and whole food sourcing, herbicide and pesticide free borage oil and flax seed oil. We round out the soft gel content with fish oil so if you are allergic to fish or shell fish consider substituting the Multi-EFA product. Multi-EFA is all vegetarian.

The vascular system and the brain depend heavily on the presence of good fats, the first to maintain limberness and flexibility and the second because when it comes to grey matter fats are what matters. Nearly every cell wall in the human body relies on essential fats for inter cellular communication and the fatty sheaves which insulate nerve activity and maintain nerve integrity are all from essential fats.*

Compare the per unit price when you purchase the 180 count to the per unit price of the 60 count EFA.

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