Ultimat Colon Fx™ - 90 Capsules

Ultimat Colon Fx™ - 90 Capsules


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Just because the colon is at the end of the digestive tract does not mean it is any less critical than sections higher up. If neglected or abused it can become painfully inflamed (think IBS) and, of course, is the site of dreaded colon-rectal cancer. To care for the colon is to care for your diet. Avoid limiting your choices of meat to red and avoid sugary / starchy foods. Of tremendous help is a steady intake of fibrous foods, especially green leafy vegetables. Instead of pulling out the potato chips to snack on try a colon-healthy snack like celery with a little organic almond butter as a dip. Legumes are also a good source of dietary fiber.

If you are concerned that maybe your diet is not ideal consider stocking your supplement shelf with some Ultimate ColonFx. It delivers an exclusive blend of herbs well known for their role in helping the body keep things clean, fresh and in good order.*

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