Ultimate Colloidal Silver Plus™ - 4 fl oz (4-Pack)

Ultimate Colloidal Silver Plus™ - 4 fl oz (4-Pack)


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As the pioneers pushed west in the 19th Century they sometimes would flip a silver coin into the milk vessel. Why? Because silver, as it turns out, can slow spoilage and extend freshness. It is a robust antibacterial, anti fungal and anti viral. Squirt a little of the Ultimate Colloidal Silver Plus directly on a sore throat and the pain and inflammation goes away, immediately. Squirt some on a piece of fruit, exposed to the air, and the appearance of brown spots is delayed. It is a wonderful product to keep around the house as a topical antiseptic for cuts and scratches and burns. In recent years claims about killing off cancer cells crown the Internet but, of course, making that happen in a test tube and inside the human body are two different propositions altogether.

Colloidal silver is well known for its immune supporting properties. The particle size of our Colloidal Silver Plus means enhanced bioavailabilty.*

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