Strawberry Kiwi-Mins™ - 32 fl oz (4 Pack)

Strawberry Kiwi-Mins™ - 32 fl oz (4 Pack)


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Our Flagship product, the cornerstone of the entire, original line is the Majestic Earth Minerals (item code 13203). In its unaltered form the taste is quite bitter so soon after introducing the Majestic Earth Minerals, Dr. Wallach came out with the Majestic Earth CheriMins (item code 13204). CheriMins consists of the original Minerals but includes a cherry fruit concentrate.

Recently, customers have asked if we might offer a second “taste,” still keeping things all natural and not going overboard with the sugars. The answer is Strawberry Kiwi Mins. We all know the reputation of the kiwi fruit. Its goodness as well as the health benefits of strawberries enhance both the flavor and function of our original Minerals*

Children are among our most enthusiastic customers when it comes to supplementing with the Majestic Earth Strawberry Kiwi Mins.

Strawberry Kiwi-Mins™, featuring Majestic Earth® Plant Derived Minerals™, is a tasty way to provide your entire family with 77 prehistoric minerals that support optimal health. This advanced mineral liquid supplement will supply everyone in your family with the essential foundation for good health and help support strong, growing kids.

SUGGESTED USE: Adults mix one or two fluid ounces in a small glass of fruit or vegetable juice of your choice. Drink during or after meals one to three times a day or as desired. For children, reduce amount by two-thirds. WARNING: If you are pregnant nursing or taking medications consult your healthcare professional before using this product. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Includes 4 - 32 fl.oz. bottles.

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