SlenderFx Meal Replacement Shake French Vanilla 4 Pack

SlenderFx Meal Replacement Shake French Vanilla 4 Pack


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If you are a label reader you will notice that many meal replacement shakes rely, heavily on soy powder and use fillers containing gluten. Not true of the SlenderFx Meal Replacement shake. Ours is gluten free and soy free. Soy, after all, is estrogenic and we already have far too many foods (and plastics) in our environment to want another one. “Don’t mess with Mother Nature” means don’t fool with hormones!

You will love the delicious, velvety thick creaminess of this shake. Many include a fruit or two to give the flavor a bit more depth and complexity. No matter what at 125 calories per serving you come out ahead over the calorie count on a typical meal. Treat yourself to this delicious shake during the evening hours to help you avoid the pitfall of late night snacking in front of the TV. That’s where most of us pile on the extra, unwanted pounds and inches.

Our technical crew is rather proud of the fact that they have crammed so much goodness into this luscious powder. Read through the list of ingredients, below, by linking through on Supplement Facts. Light the midnight oil. It is a LONG list!

This delicious shake comes in Chocolate Fudge (item code USYG100062) as well as the French Vanilla (item code USYG100061. Both are available in a 4-Pack.*

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