Root Beer Belly

Root Beer Belly


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So many standard-fare probiotic products are well-intentioned in that they contain probiotics but ineffective since, when taken orally, many don’t survive the acid environment of the stomach.

The five probiotic strains in the microencapsulated sprinkles in the Root Beer Belly product avoid that problem, ensuring reliable delivery to the lower intestines. Probiotics colonize the lower gut with good bacteria, our tiny friends that help us in the digestion department. Many regard Root Beer Belly as our premier weight loss product. A healthy gut, after, all means foodstuffs are efficiently processed instead of hanging around, creating problems.

Tear open one of the foil packets containing Root Beer Belly and empty it on the top of your tongue. This is a really fun product. The delicious root beer flavored sprinkles explode on the tongue after the fashion of popular candy for kids.

When you get on a roll, start feeling better and lose a few inches, you won’t want to ever run out of the Root Beer Belly.*

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