Product Details

repair+™ l-glutamine + fiber

Love your gut! Avisae OptimALL Nutrition repair+ l-glutamine + fiber drink is a complete gut support product with ingredients shown to sooth the occasional discomforts of a bloated, gassy gut, and support the restorative processes that your gut needs to digest food and absorb all the powerful nutrients they have to offer*

An efficacious blend of key beneficial amino acid L-glutamine with soothing herbs, soluble fiber and a key digestive enzyme to support the digestive system. 15 wild-berry-flavored sticks and 15 tropical-citrus-flavored sticks.

Key Benefits
  • Improves gut wall cellular tight junctions*
  • Assists with digestive health and regularity*
  • Supports healthy gut function*
  • Supports healthy microbiome development*
  • Supports cardiovascular health*
  • Fiber supports the growth of good bacteria*
  • Supports immune system function*
  • Supports healthy blood sugar balance*

SUGGESTED USE: Take repair+™ l-glutamine + fiber gut support drink mix once daily (or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner). Add contents of one sachet to 8-12 ounces of water, followed by an additional 8-14 ounces of water to ensure full hydration of the soluble fiber.