Majestic Earth Ultra Body Toddy - 32 fl oz

Majestic Earth Ultra Body Toddy - 32 fl oz


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Majestic Earth Ultra Body Toddy is the most complete full spectrum, dietary supplement ever offered in liquid form. It contains over 100 nutrients packed in one single bottle! Ultra Body Toddy provides high potency vitamins, amino acids, trace minerals, and major minerals in a highly absorbable chelated, organic compound form. This makes the normally difficult major minerals more absorbable than ever before. The formula boasts a proprietary mix of Cell Shield with the workhorse cell protectors: Co-enzyme Q-10, Quercetin and Grape Seed Extract. Also a exclusive blending of pytonutrients and essential amino acids put a distinct shine on its reputation.

Your body requires a number of different nutrients each day to support its functions and activities. The more active you are. The more nutrients your body is utilizing. and the higher the need is for you to replace these lost nutrients. It is almost impossible to receive all the nutrients you need each day through a normal healthy diet. so full spectrum nutritional supplementation becomes critical.

A Full Spectrum of nutrients includes vitamins, trace and major minerals and amino acids. It is important that your body receive these nutrients in the correct ratios and combinations, as fragmenting your nutrition by only taking certain nutrients can lead to overdoses or imbalances.

An important aspect of Full Spectrum Nutrition includes organically-sourced trace and major minerals. These colloidal plant-derived minerals contribute to thousands of chemical activities in the body and exercise a positive effect on other nutrients such as vitamins. In this way the body is able to retain these water-soluble nutrients for a much longer period of time before naturally excreting them.

In addition to trace and major minerals. vitamins and amino acids. Full Spectrum Nutrition now includes a balance of Phytonutrients. Phytonutrients are natural compounds present in fresh fruits and vegetables that have been shown in clinical studies to support the body's immune system and help protect against cellular oxidative damage from free radical formation.

If you are active or placing excess demands on your body you require additional amounts of certain vitamins (A, E and the B Vitamins), minerals (including chromium, zinc, and manganese) and specialized nutrients such as bioflavonoids and dimethyl glycine. Even more important are powerful antioxidants such as NAC, grapeseed extract, CoQ10 and lycopene which provide the body's best defense against free radical damage.

Switch back and forth between the Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic (item code 13201) and the Ultra Body Toddy. They are both powerhouse mega mineral / mega vitamin concentrates. See which one you like best. Always supplement with food and use plenty of water.*

We do not offer Ultra Body Toddy In 4-Pack at this time

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