Beyond Osteo-Fx™ Liquid - 32 fl oz

Beyond Osteo-Fx™ Liquid - 32 fl oz


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A typical human frame is composed of 206 bones. Bones are living tissues that provide structural support for muscles, protect vital organs and store the calcium essential for bone density and strength. To keep bones strong, the body is continually breaking down old bone and replacing it with new bone tissue. Until the age of about 30, bone is built and stored efficiently. Then, as part of the natural aging process, bones begin to break down faster than new bone can be formed. This is especially true for post menopausal women since estrogen is protective of bones.

The body needs calcium to support functions including development and repair of bones and teeth, nerve function, muscle contraction, blood clotting and support of proper function of the heart. The National Osteoporosis Foundation suggests that individuals maintain a healthy lifestyle, take in adequate quantity of calcium and engage in weight-bearing exercise in order to support the strengthening of the body's bones. In order for calcium to be absorbed efficiently by your body, it needs other mineral cofactors.

Youngevity's Majestic Earth Beyond OsteoFx was formulated to support healthy bones and joints. Majestic Earth Beyond OsteoFx meets the U.S. daily requirements for people over age 50 with 1,200 mg of calcium and contains the cofactors needed to help your body better absorb and retain calcium. Vitamin D and Glucosamine; which are natural compounds found in healthy cartilage, also promote absorption and support optimal health and well-being.

Another important cofactor in Majestic Earth Beyond OsteoFx is the 300 mg of magnesium, which is an essential mineral involved in more than 300 systems in the human body. Magnesium is found mostly in green leafy vegetables but the USDA says we are not eating enough fruits and vegetables! The refined foods, which make up most of our diet, generally have the lowest magnesium and overall nutritional content. Majestic Earth Beyond OsteoFx is the answer to this deficit--it is never too late to commit to bone and joint health with a nutritional step in the right direction!*

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