Imortalium® - 120 bi-layered Tablets

Imortalium® - 120 bi-layered Tablets


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There is a little biological clock built in to nearly every cell in the human body. Once it ticks away, reaching its expiration date, cell death occurs. The “clock” is called a “telomere.” With Imotalium the hope is to extend the lifespan of the cell by extending the lifespan of the telomeres. The anti-aging constituents brought to bear on this are specialty antioxidant enzymes and essential nutrients. All support optimal telomere health.

Imortalium is the most advanced anti-aging supplement to date:

  • SUPPORTS powerful defenses against the oxidative stresses of aging.
  • SUPPLIES high potency, natural, energy-releasing nutrients.
  • PROMOTES telomere-lengthening enzyme activity in healthy cells.
  • PROMOTES healthy restriction and reduction of the telomere length in unhealthy cells.*

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