Healthy Weight Loss (Chocolate Fudge)

Healthy Weight Loss (Chocolate Fudge)


Product Details

We offer a variety of Weight Loss Paks but the True to Life Healthy Weight Loss Chocolate Fudge (also in French Vanilla) distinguishes itself by including both cleansing products and the superlative “Truezyme” enzyme product. As we age we are less successful at producing the enzymes our body relies upon to unlock the biochemical properties of essential nutrients.

Trueyme includes this additional “spark” to help older bodies shed pounds and inches. After all, it is only when the digestive / absorption equipment is working optimally that nuisance pounds are dissuaded from accumulating.

Besides and emphasis on enzymes, True to Life Healthy Weight Loss Chocolate Fudge (also in French Vanilla) includes TrueCleanse, a very effective, double duty cleanse that both supports the body in clearing the GI tract and nourishes at the same time. It is a complex formula carefully balance to achieve stated ends. For detailed information see the Product Facts under the individual product, itself, item code TL006PROD.

The centerpiece of the True to Life Healthy Weight Loss is our Chocolate Fudge Meal Replacement shake. In terms of weight reduction it is especially strategic to replace one’s evening meal with the shake and also turn to the shake if tempted to snack before bedtime. But, of course, we have included enough powder to allow for replacement of other meals as well.*

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