Healthy Body Weight Loss Pak 2.0

Healthy Body Weight Loss Pak 2.0


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Carting around extra pounds and inches is a risk factor for an entire rogues gallery of ailments from heart disease to muscular skeletal collapse to blood sugar disorders. If you are starting to dread trying to fit into your clothes each morning don't worry. What makes Dr. Wallach’s Youngevity 90 For Life weight loss plan different from the others is, if you play by the rules, you will not only lose weight you will keep it off (no YO YO!).

We start out with, you guessed it, a 90 For Life “start” pak. Note that this selection, item code 10253, uses the Peach Fusion 2.0 as its “starting point” or “foundational” rather than the original start pak. This handles basic requirements, insuring that cutting back on calories does not also mean denying your body the essential nutrients it requires. Next, we include a specialty or “add-on” product called REV. It is a little bottle of liquid REV with an eye-dropper type top. The idea is, squirt REV under your tongue and hold it there until you must swallow. Do that about 3 or 4 times a day, always on an empty stomach.

It is difficult to convey the bio-mechanics of the whole thing but the REV goes to work “tricking” the brain into releasing fat stores, particularly around the mid-section. It is possible to lose weight without changing your current diet substantially but we recommend following the REV diet plan to radically improve your chances of success. True the first 3 weeks are really difficult. But Phase II is much easier and Phase III is amazingly easy.*

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