Healthy Body Start Pak 2.0 Liquid

Healthy Body Start Pak 2.0 Liquid


Product Details

All the Healthy Start Paks consist of three core products which, combined, contain all the 90 For Life essential nutrients: Beyond Tangy, Beyond OsteoFx and EFA Plus. Although the EFA Plus gel caps are a constant the Beyond OsteoFX can be in a powdered form or a liquid form and the Beyond Tangy can be the Original Beyond Tangy or the Beyond Tangy Peach 2.0. This means there are lots of combinations to choose from. How does one choose? In the end it matters little which one you choose since they all deliver all 90 and since most of us, relying on diet or other supplements, have gone years, decades even, missing the mark. But we offer a lot of choices to accommodate taste preferences and delivery preferences.

The advantage of selecting the Dr. Wallach Youngevity 90 For Life Healthy Body Start Pak 2.0 Liquid over the others lies in the unique contribution made by the liquid OsteoFX and the Beyond Tangy Peach. Liquid OsteoFx (as opposed to powdered) is more highly bioavailable, so in a sense you get more “bang for your buck.” Also, you don’t have to fight it with a spoon, hassle with trying to crush it into solutions as you do with the powdered form. Simply shake, measure and pour. Beyond Tangy Tangerine Peach (as opposed to Beyond Tangy Original) is certified organic and GMO free, it also has a higher ORAC score (measures antioxidant strength) than the Original (8,000 vs. 5,000) and, finally, it contains some extra bangs and whistles like Japanese mushrooms believed to strengthen resistance to cancer.*

If you are still not sure that this combination is best for you just try it your first month and switch to another the 2nd month. You can’t go wrong!