Healthy Body Brain & Heart Pak 2.0

Healthy Body Brain & Heart Pak 2.0


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If you do right by your heart, nutritionally, you do right by your brain. Both organs thrive when supplied with an adequate intake of essential fats. The lipids are vital for oxygen transport and support the limberness and flexibility of vascular pathways. Nearly every living cell, in fact, depends on the presence of essential fats to communicate with one another. Nerve paths are composed of an insulative “sheath” material made from good fats (myelin). So it is not surprising that the Dr. Wallach Youngevity 90 For Life Healthy Body Brain and Heart Pak is loaded with good fats.

In addition to extra EFA the Pak, like all other paks contains a grouping of products that supply all 90 of the 90 For Life nutrients. Nutrients serve in combination and cooperation and not in isolation so establishing a foundational intake of all 90 is important whether one wishes to support general health or target specific physical function. Besides the extra EFA the other specialty product that the the Dr. Wallach Youngevity 90 For Life Healthy Body Brain and Heart Pak contains is Selenium. Once considered a poison, selenium is now regarded as a vital essential nutrient, very protective of the heart muscle, a strong antioxidant and, actually, a substance necessary to the production of glutathione, the body’s most robust, anti-toxin “housecleaner”.

Many prefer this Brain and Heart Pak over the original since it contains Beyond Tangy Peach which is certified organic and GMO free. Better not to take any chances when it comes to helping the brain and the heart!*

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