Healthy Body Blood Sugar Pak 2.0

Healthy Body Blood Sugar Pak 2.0


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Have you looked at your blood sugar numbers, lately? Starchy / sugary foods are everywhere, these days. Sometimes it feels as if we live in a giant sugar bowl! If your lips and fingers are sticky, chances are your blood is, too, and this can lead to some real problems: unwanted pounds and inches; hyperglycemia, pre-diabetes, type II diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hypoinsulinism, etc.

Dr. Wallach’s Youngevity, 90 For Life Blood Sugar Pak starts out with a foundational “start” pak (either peach or original) but goes on to include the specialty or “add-on” product, Ultimate SweetEze. The SweetEze provides nutritional support for vital, metabolic pathways. For example, vanadium can transport glucose in through the cell wall finding a “welcome” from receptor sites rather than “resistance” that begins to happen when insulin asks in. Of course, as any formula engineer will tell you, success is in the formula: what proportions, what cofactors, what combinations, etc. and Utimate SweetEze meets or exceeds the mark in every instance.*

Many prefer the Peach 2.0 Blood Sugar Pak over the Original due to the fact that it includes fewer fruits, the fruit sugar from which can be problematic.

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