Healthy Body Athletic Pak - Original

Healthy Body Athletic Pak - Original


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Athletes, construction workers, factory workers, anyone that depends on their body to perform, tirelessly and regularly, people who tend to sweat more than their sedentary counterparts all need a little extra help in the form of replacement nutrition. After all, when you really burn through a workout that is not just water you mop up afterwards. It is sweat and as such contains an abundance of life-giving essential minerals and electrolytes. And it is those very essential minerals that the body depends on to operate at full potential. As Dr. Wallach is famously quoted as saying, “exercise without supplementation is suicide”.

So if you do work your body hard PLEASE consider supplementing with Dr. Wallach’s Youngevity 90 For Life Healthy Body Athletic Pak. It is carefully engineered to not only deliver all 90 essential nutrients as a foundation it also emphasizes and concentrates those specific nutrients and nutrient cofactors most critical to the athlete. The Rebound, for example, a favorite of NBA star Theo Ratliffe, feeds muscles directly while the Ultimate GlucoGel supports both skeletal and connective tissue. It all equates to quicker recovery time, more stamina, vigor and vitality. Exercise by all means but supplement smart, too, with Dr. Wallach’s Youngevity 90 For Life Healthy Body Athletic Pak!*

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