Flagship Mineral Pak

Flagship Mineral Pak


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The Flagship Mineral Pack contains four bottles of Majestic Earth Minerals and one bottle of EFA Plus. If one eats in a disciplined manner it is possible to obtain the major minerals, the essential amino acids and the essential vitamins from food sources. What is impossible to obtain from food or other supplement sources are the all-important, essential minor minerals, trace minerals and rare earth minerals.

Majestic Earth Minerals are harvested directly from plants grown in virgin, mineral rich soil. Dr. Wallach’s company is the only company of its kind to own exclusive rights to these liquid, organic, plant derived trace minerals, minor minerals and rare earth minerals. And it is the nutrients in the Majestic Earth Minerals that make everything else work! So if you are unable to afford any of the other saturation packs, purchase this one and then, for the missing nutrients turn to food sources and / or supplements from other companies.*

Printable Supplement Facts for the Ultimate EFA Plus

Printable Supplement Facts for the Majestic Earth Minerals