Flagship Cheri 90 Pak

Flagship Cheri 90 Pak


Product Details

The Flagship Cheri 90 is identical to the Flagship 90 except that two bottles of Majestic Earth CheriMins are substituted for the two bottles of regular Majestic Earth Minerals. The only difference between the Majestic Earth CheriMins and the regular Majestic Earth Minerals is we add natural cherry concentrate as a natural flavoring agent. The nutrient content is identical. The CheriMins lend a sweeter, user-friendly taste to the Pack.

The Flagship Cheri 90 contains two bottles each of the Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic and the Majestic Earth CheriMins and one bottle of the Ultimate EFA Plus. These are the core products Dr. Wallach introduced to the nutritional world some years ago. Many have tried to imitate what we offer. To date no one has succeeded in creating as complex and as robust a group of products as are contained in the Flagship 90.

The Classic boasts a highly concentrated grouping of essential vitamins, essential amino acids and essential minerals. It is heavy on the major minerals in the form of liquid chelates and also includes extra bangs and whistles like bioflavinoids and enzyme CoQ10. The Majestic Earth CheriMins provide all the minor minerals, trace minerals and rare earth minerals that serve as invaluable cofactors to all the other essential nutrients. And the EFA Plus contains a generous helping of DHA, EPA and Omega 3, the essential fats that have been the rock stars of many a scientific study appearing in the literature during the past 5 to 10 years.*

Printable Supplement Facts for the Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic

Printable Supplement Facts for the Ultimate EFA Plus

Printable Supplement Facts for the Majestic Earth Minerals and Majestic Earth CheriMins