Enhanced Ideal Healthy Start Pak

Enhanced Ideal Healthy Start Pak


Product Details

The Youngevity™ - 90 For Life – Enhanced Ideal Healthy Body Start Pak Original consists of three canisters of the Beyond Tangy Tangerine Original, two bottles of the Beyond OsteoFX and an Ultimate EFA Plus.

When it comes to nutritional muscle the Enhanced Ideal is top of the line since it supplies enough product for a saturation intake for one month for one adult.

Both the morning meal drink and the evening meal drink can contain 3 scoops of the Beyond Tangy Tangerine and 2 full Tablespoons of the Beyond Osteo.

If you weight over 200 pounds and you really want to do a proper job of supplementing smart, the Enhanced Ideal is perfect for you. It crosses all the “t”s and dots all the “i”s

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