Dr. Wallach's Pig Pak

Dr. Wallach's Pig Pak


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Pig Pak includes:
  • Item #: 13203 Plant Derived Minerals™ - 32 fl oz (2 count)
  • Item #: 21252 Ultimate Gluco-Gel™ - 240 capsules (1 count)
  • Item#: 13201 Ultimate Classic® - 32 fl oz (2 count)

Originally named the “Pig Arthritis Formula” but rechristened the “Pig Pak, this grouping of Dr. Wallach’s original Majestic Earth Products is engineered to both supply essential nutrients as well as various nutrient constituents that play a major role in supporting musculo skeletal health.

The two liquids, the Majestic Earth Minerals and the Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic have long been the cornerstone of the Youngevity liquid line, the first containing the all-important liquid, organic, trace minerals, minor minerals and rare earth minerals and the second filling out the body’s requirements with additional major minerals, essential amino acids and essential vitamins.

The specialty product, Ultimate GlucoGel weighs in with the amino acids the body uses to establish a protein matrix for the so called “bone” minerals to lock in to. A great variety of tissue finds support in this carefully crafted combination, for ligaments and tendons to cartilage, to gums and teeth and hard bone.

The concept behind the Pig Pack is a fairly simple and straightforward one: give your body the raw material it needs to rebuild, regenerate and repair bone and cartilage and it will do just that. In trying to imagine how this happens it is useful to think of yourself as a stone mason, building a wall. You take in a little mortar in the form of the GlucoGel, wash it down with a glass of orange juice and then add the stones in the form of the Majestic Earth Minerals and the Majestic Earth Ultimate. Instead of building a stout wall, though, you are shoring up your entire musculo-skeletal system, giving your bones the chance they need to regain and reclaim tensile strength.

To maximize the effectiveness of the PP it is important to avoid the "mineral leaching" foods mentioned above - phosphoric acid (an ingredient in soda pops), refined sugar, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine. Sweet-Eze (item code 21014) will help with sugar cravings. It is also advisable to avoid the partially hydrogenated fats and trans fatty acids found in processed foods (any food which comes in a box, can, bag, etc.), margarine and salad oil. Try to eat food which is as fresh as possible and substitute butter for margarine in cooking and spreads.

The nutritional supplements recommended on this website are produced Youngevity, founded by Dr. Joel Wallach in 1997. It is American Longevity’s mission to provide the highest quality nutritional supplements at an affordable price to the millions of Americans who can benefit from them.*

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