Cell Shield RTQ™ - 60 Capsule Bottle - (4 Pack)

Cell Shield RTQ™ - 60 Capsule Bottle - (4 Pack)


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General systemic inflammation has come to be considered the beginning of nearly every non-infections disease. The good news is that the condition is largely self-inflicted and, as such, can be self-removed as well. It arises, after all, primarily because of the contemporary diet of fast food, fried food, sugary and starchy food. Besides eating the “bad” stuff we don’t take in enough of the “good” stuff for example, fresh green leafy vegetables and certain fruits (berries especially) as well as certain spices. Populations that do use, for example, Turmeric are significantly at lower risk for heath threats that arise from inflammation.

To make sure we get our fair share of the “good stuff,” Dr. Wallach and his team of experts have combined three of the principle “protectors” when it comes to guarding against inflammation and oxidative stress: Turmeric; Resveratrol & Quercetin. All are in carefully calibrated proportions for maximum benefit.*

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