BTT Basic 90 Pak

BTT Basic 90 Pak


Product Details

With the Basic 90 Pak we are able to offer the sophistication of high pedigree formulation in the form of the Beyond Tangy Tangerine Original, include all 90 For Life essential nutrients and still keep the cost low! Sure you don’t get the quantities of individual nutrients present in more expensive 90 For Life Paks but you still get the same spread of all 90 so if you are lacking a nutrient in your diet this grouping of product is sure to hit the mark. Plus it does so conveniently and deliciously. As a powder and pill combination the Basic 90 Pak does not require refrigeration, is not as messy as the liquids and can be carried anywhere. The micro crystalline technology used formulating the Beyond Tangy means hundreds of nutritional components, including 115 vegetables and fruits, can be fused together forming a synergistic dynamo.*

Experience the best of what we offer without straining your supplement budget.

Mix 2 scoops of the Beyond Tangy in room temperature water to make a delicious drink you can drink with your morning meal. Swallow 2 of the EFA softgels. Now you are ready to tackle the world!

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