Beyond Tangy Tangerine Original - 420g Canister

Beyond Tangy Tangerine Original - 420g Canister


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The technical advantages of our new micro-crystals are immense. The process makes it possible to fuse more that 100 nutritional constituents in a single water soluble crystal. This means we can offer the convenience of a powder (portability, no refrigeration required) and the absorptive capacity of a liquid all in one! Dr. Wallach and his team of technical experts at Youngevity have long known the importance of liquid supplementation. In fact, Dr. Wallach’s line of robust, liquid supplements launched to welcoming applause back when the company first opened in April of 1997. While other companies slogged along offering pill after pill and sometimes asking folks to carry around a whole suitcase of them, Doc pioneered the field of concentrated, liquid, organic, plant derived nutrition. With the revolutionary Beyond Tangy Tangerine, we have gone one step better. Now it is even more concentrated. The little red and orange micro crystals are carefully constructed using giant centrifuges thus avoiding the need to employ nutrient-destroying heat. But the benefits don’t end there. It turns out that fusing nutrients and nutrient cofactors, in fact, literally, 100’s of distinct constituents, unleashes a synergistic powerhouse. The components play off of each other yielding benefit that is exponentially greater than the sum of its parts!

By enhancing performance in this matter and retaining the superior bioavailability of liquid delivery, those with any sort of digestive disorder are especially well served. After all, the work the body must do to get at the value of, say, a tablet, secreting this or that enzyme, etc. is beautifully avoided. And, as a liquid, health enthusiasts have learned they can mix up their drink and sip at it throughout the day constantly bathing their system in a wash of high-end essential nutrients. Compare this to slamming down your daily requirement only to shed most of it within an hour or two.

Beyond Tangy Tangerine is a crowning achievement of which we are enormously proud. As a conscientious steward of your own good health including Beyond Tangy Tangerine in your daily supplement regiment is a MUST. Flood your system with the raw material, the essential nutrients, it requires for optimal function and begin experiencing health on your own terms. Let the adventure begin!*

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