Beyond Osteo-fx™ Powder

Beyond Osteo-fx™ Powder


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Beyond Osteo Powder is found in many of our more contemporary Healthy Start Paks and specialty Paks like the Healthy Body Bone and Joint Pak. That is because it complements the Beyond Tangy Tangerine perfectly. It is strong in the very bone minerals (calcium, magnesium, zinc, boron, manganese, etc.) that the Beyond Tangy is weak in. And it is an ideal choice for those who prefer to get their bone mineral supplementation in a powder rather than a liquid or capsule form.

Since the powder is a bit difficult to dissolve in water many find it easier to measure their scoops of Beyond OsteoFx Powder into their morning protein drink and, while they are at it, even include some of the Beyond Tangy Tangerine powder. The Osteo and the Tangy are considered foundational products, ones that should be in every smart supplementation regimen to help establish a foundation of all 90 nutrients essential to human health.

SUPPORTS: muscles, bones, joints, cartilage, teeth, gums, ligaments, tendons, etc.

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