ArthryDex - 4 Pack

ArthryDex - 4 Pack


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Just as with humans, dogs, too, in fact all mammals, are subject to degenerative disease brought on by nutritional deficiency. Hip dysplaysia is one way this can manifest. Arthritis is also common, depressed or inadequate immune response, in fact any number of problems, really, can be prevented and in some cases arrested or reversed, by simply adding in a top quality, full spectrum, bio available supplements to your pet’s diet.

We are pleased to introduce Dr. Wallach’s very own, ArthryDEX. Doc started his career as a vet so you can imagine the excellence he poured into this product! It is an all purpose, complete nutritional supplement appropriate for all pets and animals from tropical birds to horses and llamas (even cats and dogs can thrive on this stuff!!). It contains vitamins and minerals, in fact over 70 trace minerals, as well plant derived enzymes, amino acids and glucosamine sulfate and gelatin for joint support.

Is your pet beginning to lose his or her pep, dragging a little, showing signs of a tender or aching joints? So often the hip joint will manifest first in dogs. Just scoop out one scoop (1/2 ounce) per 25 pounds of body weight, mix it in with regular pet food and watch what happens. They all like the taste!

Read through the PRODUCT FACTS, below. You will be amazed at the scope and concentration achieved.*

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