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Dr. Wallach's Online Shopping Cart Store

Dr. Wallach's Online Shopping Cart Store

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Dr. Wallach's Complete Product Line


Essential 90 Health Packs   Confused about where to start? The best way to give your body all 90 nutrients required for optimal function is select one of Doc's foundational Health Packs. Each delivers all 90 and in a form the body can easily recognize and use.

The Beyond Tangy Revolution   After five years in development we can now offer 87 of the 90 nutrients essential to human health as a delicious powder concentrate. When the new micro-crystaline technology is applied to our unique ME Minerals, the other essential nutrients and to the 115 fruits and vegetables we include, the result is far, FAR greater than the sum of its parts!

Specialty Health Packs   Which aspect of human health is an issue for you, personally? What are some of your primary complaints? Is there a particular physical function you are especially keen on supporting? Take a look at Dr. Wallach's Specialty Health Packs

Liquid Supplements   Full spectrum, liquid, organic, plant derived, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and more:  Give your body the nurturing it requires to reclaim and maintain optimal health!



Capsules, Tablets & Powders   Dr. Wallach's very own,  specially formulated, capsules, tablets and powders are designed to meet a diversity of needs.
Personal Care & Beauty Products Nutrition from the outside in as well as the inside out.  Rediscover the softness, the elasticity, vibrancy and radiance of your own skin and hair.
Weight Management   We see the obesity epidemic all around us. Some of us see it when we look downstairs. Now it is time to DO something about it using these incredible tools from the technical wizards at Youngevity.
SupraLife offers a full line of nutritional supplements designed to provide your body with the support it needs to achieve and maintain optimal function.
Youngevity is number one in the field of anti-aging and youth reclamation.  Read the story each product tells!
Healthy Chocolate Exceptionally delicious chocolate treats rich in probiotics and an ORAC score (measures anti-oxidant strength) that will send free radicals into a state of pure panic!
Ancient Legacy offers pure and gently extracted oils from our many friends in the plant kingdom.  Learn how each can unite heart, mind and body in achieving a heightened synergy of purpose and a thriving of the entire organism!
Home & Garden Products   We package the raw, organic, source material used in formulating our liquid minerals for use in cultivating your favorite fruit, flowers and vegetables.  Never before has your green thumb looked greener!
Pet Products   Lucky for our pets Dr. Wallach began his career as a veterinarian.  With his line of pet products you can help your pet achieve his or her full genetic potential.
Nuvante Female sexuality is every bit as important as male sexuality, is it not!? Rediscover your own sexual self with with this amazing product. So amazing (and popular), in fact, that it deserves a category of its own!
Suzanne Somers Brings her unique touch of taste, style and elan to offer an impressive line of wine, jewelry, prepared dishes, bath salts, mixes, dips, sauces, handbags, dressings and rubs.  Whether for entertainment or to indulge and reward your own senses embrace quality of life by welcoming Suzanne into yours!

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