The Boutique Shopping Experience

We now offer Boutique Shopping to first time visitors. What is the Boutique Shopping Experience (BSE)? In essence it is a customized, one-on-one, helping-hand service that enables first time visitors to extract the best possible value from the products and services our company offers.

BSE is comparable to, say, concierge service at a luxury hotel. Imagine arriving in a foreign land. You have two weeks of vacation and only so much money to spend. The Concierge is trained to zero in on exactly what you want from your trip. Then she brings all her years of local experience and specialized knowledge to bear on working out the perfect itinerary for you. By doing so she saves you hours of guesswork and days of floundering. You return home well satisfied: enriched by glorious, shared memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

To start your Boutique Shopping Experience simply call 800-290-6124. A product expert (20 years experience) will answer. Like the Concierge our job is to listen and listen closely. We get a sense of your budget and what it is you hope to accomplish using our product. This enables us to recommend product that is just right for you. We walk you through your first order. But that is not the end of BSE. In fact, we don’t count the BSE call a success unless you hang up knowing:

(Boutique Shopping Experience Check List)

  • How to use the product to best advantage.
  • Which products to consider on your 2nd and subsequent orders.
  • How to post online orders conveniently and directly to the warehouse roster.
  • How to view order history and follow delivery progress using tracking numbers.
  • How to qualify for generous loyalty rewards.
  • How to qualify for FREE shipping.
  • How to access the wider support community of Dr. Wallach Health Warriors.
  • How to subscribe (optional) to the newsletter.
  • How to be the first to learn of special offers.

Of course, we understand that some shoppers are leery of making that single, initial BSE phone call for fear of subjecting themselves to high-pressure sales. BSE is exactly the opposite of high-pressure sales. Our interest is in helping you secure the benefits you seek so that you will become a life-long customer. Good health is a life-long commitment. It does not happen on the strength of a single purchase. It happens with understanding, with knowledge, with support and in the fullness of time. The whole point of the Boutique Shopping Experience is to maximize customer benefit while sustaining customer loyalty.

Treat yourself to BSE Concierge Service. If you are a first time shopper you owe it to yourself to call: 800-290-6124 (M-F 8am to 5pm Pacific Time).

Important: The Boutique Shopping Experience is a relatively new offering. If call volume is such that we are unable to complete the check-list (see above) please be patient with us and allow us a follow up call / email to complete the list.