Within™ Advanced Age-Defying Skin Supplement - 30 tablets

Within™ Advanced Age-Defying Skin Supplement - 30 tablets


Product Details

L’Dara Within™ Advanced Age-Defying Skin Supplement supports beautiful skin, from the inside out!

L’Dara Within™ For Beautiful Skin

L’dara’s Science Team has done it once again with a major breakthrough! Utilizing the power of our exclusive LBP-5 Complex® derived from the goji berry and new Ceramin-L™, L’dara’s scientists have created the ultimate age-defying supplement to beautify the skin of your entire body from the inside out!

How Ceramin-L Works

Think of your skin’s surface as a brick wall. Your skin cells are the bricks, and ceramides are the cement that holds those cells together. As we age, ceramide production rapidly declines and skin loses its youthful structure. It becomes dry and begins to sag, get thinner, rougher and wrinkled.

L’dara’s Ceramin-L helps replenish lost ceramides, thus increasing your skin’s moisture levels, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, and helping create smoother, softer skin.

In a clinical study, Ceramin-L began dramatically reducing the look of key signs of aging within just 15 days with the results getting even better overtime.

60 Day Clinical Study Results:
  • 100% of participants saw a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles (Average of 19% decrease)
  • 100% had an increase in skin moisture (Average of 37% increase)
  • 100% experienced an increase in skin smoothness (Average of 34% increase)
  • 100% saw a decrease in skin roughness (Average of 64% decrease)
  • 100% had an increase in skin elasticity (Average of 36% increase)

Based on a 60 person/60 day clinical study on the patented ingredient in L’dara Within.