Ultimate OPC-T 4-Pack

Ultimate OPC-T  4-Pack


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Youngevity's Ultimate OPC-T is one of the heaviest pieces of artillery in Dr. Wallach's arsenal of supplements, OPC-T is a combination of two plant derived nutrients, oligomeric proanthocyanadins (OPC for short) and green tea, each known to benefit the human body in a variety of important ways. Research has shown that OPC’s (also known as grape seed extract and pycnogenol) may well be nature’s most powerful protector against aging and the ravages of disease.

OPC’s are extremely effective antioxidants, neutralizing the destructive free radical molecules known to cause widespread damage to the cells in our bodies. OPC’s support the body’s work at strengthening arteries, veins and capillaries by binding to collagen which makes up the supportive structure of blood vessel walls. Many speculate that these and other biochemical properties of OPC’s explain the “French Dox,” the tendency of those on Mediterranean diets (think red grapes and red wine) tend to live longer, healthier lives.

The second important nutrient in Ultimate OPC-T, what the “T” refers to, is green tea. Green tea has been used as medicinal herb in Japan for centuries. Also, as an antioxidant, Green tea has been shown to protect against cancer, lower cholesterol levels, combat mental fatigue, regulate blood sugar and insulin levels and delay the onset of arteriosclerosis.*

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