SlenderFx Weight Management System (French Vanilla)

SlenderFx Weight Management System  (French Vanilla)


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The SlenderFx Weight Management System French Vanilla contains an entire arsenal of weapons for the weight loss warrior. The first one to use is the PM Cleanse. After all, it is always best to clear the target before firing and the PM Cleanse does just that, helping the body rid itself of any impacted material along the walls of the colon. Now that your digestive system is primed be sure to take a couple of SweetEze just before meals. It supplies minerals and mineral cofactors that beautifully support blood sugar metabolism.

When sugars are fully metabolized (converted to energy) they aren’t stored as fat. When it is meal time always have a SlenderFx Food Fiber within reach. Sprinkle the tiny fibers on your food as if it were salt from a salt-shaker and you will find that you just don’t need as much food to feel “full.” Portion control is a key part of any weight loss regiment.

Finally, the SlenderFx Meal Replacement Shake. Do you like vanilla? You love the full bodied, French Vanilla flavor of this one!

If you can drink the shake as a substitute for your evening meal and, even better as a substitute for your evening meal AND any snacking you might contemplate before bed, you can really get the upper hand on your weight situation. After all, it is the evening hours when we are more sedentary and nighttime when we sleep that we are most at risk for taking in useless calories and converting them to fat.*

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