Rebound Fx™ On-The-Go Pouches Citrus Punch - 125 Count

Rebound Fx™ On-The-Go Pouches Citrus Punch - 125 Count


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Endorsed and promoted by NBA all-star, Theo Ratliff, this high energy sports drink is a refreshing departure from the standard fare of high carbohydrate concoctions, loaded with sugar and central nervous system stimulants. While the others just unleash a lot of nervous energy the proprietary blend of natural herbs, antioxidants, vitamins, amino acid concentrates, complex saccharides and trace mineral and minor mineral cofactors feeds directly into muscle tissue delivery nourishment. It all adds up to faster recovery time, a higher performance level and increased stamina, vigor and vitality.*

Convenient packaging means you throw a few sticks of Rebound Powder in your gym bag.

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