On The Go Cardio

On The Go Cardio


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Arguably the most important “secret ingredient” in any supplement regimen is “consistency.” That being said, with our busy lives the easier it is to stick to our routine, the better. Heart disease is the number one killer, globally. The little packets of pills in each box of On-The-Go Cardio contain targeted nutrients, enzymes, herbs, etc. (see Supplement Facts for details) all calibrated to support optimal wellness and cardio vascular health. Of course, there is no “magic bullet.” In addition to smart supplementation we owe it to our ticker to eat intelligently (eliminate fried food, processed food and fast food; avoid sugary / starcy foods) and exercise moderately. It is so easy to slip a packet of On-The-Go Cardio into your purse or briefcase and supplement every day, day in and day out. Please do!*

On-The-Go Ultimate Cardio™ includes 30 Packets. Each packet includes 4 capsules & 1 soft gel: Cardio Fx™, Selenium, Cell Shield RTQ™, CoQ10 Plus™ and ALA™. Ingredients: ULTIMATE CoQ10 PLUS™ - 1 Soft Gel Coenzyme Q-10, gelatin, purified water, natural tocopherols. ULTIMATE CARDIO FX™ - 1 Capsule Vitamin

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