Nature’s Pearl® Muscadine Grape Juice - 10 fl oz each (24pk) *US

Nature’s Pearl® Muscadine Grape Juice - 10 fl oz each (24pk) *US


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Enjoy the antioxidant benefits of Nature’s Pearl® all natural 100% Muscadine Grape Juice! Please note there is a $12.25 surcharge plus regular shipping fees on this item.

Muscadine grapes are known for their high antioxidant qualities. Nature’s Pearl® 100% Muscadine Grape Juice contains over 100 naturally occurring Phenolic compounds such as Ellagic-Acid, Reseveratrol, Quercetin, Anthocyandins, OPC’s and more! These particular grapes are grown under stressful environments which propel them to produce more disease-fighting phenolic compounds providing you with antioxidants to help combat free radicals.

Ingredients: Vitamin C, Iron, 100% Muscadine Juice, Erthorbic Acid and Sulfer Dioxide.