Life Solubles® Rice Bran - 360g (4-Canisters)

Life Solubles® Rice Bran - 360g (4-Canisters)


Product Details

Give your body a natural food source that will support your overall health!

The Superfood of the New Millennium! Using proprietary technology, the bountiful goodness of rice bran has been carefully stabilized to protect even the most fragile nutritional components found in Life Solubles®. Further extraction and concentration results in RiSoTriene®, a powerful natural food source.

Each serving of RiSoTriene® contains the following naturally occurring dietary factors: 180mg Inositol, 30mg Gamma Oryzanol, 50mg Pytosterols and 26mg Beta Sitosterol. Ingredients: RisoTreine (stabilized rice bran solubles).