Dr. Wallach's King Kong Cardio Pak

Dr. Wallach's King Kong Cardio Pak


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Heart disease is the number one killer in America. If you are reading these words probably either you, yourself, currently suffer from heart disease, or a loved one you know does. Other countries with other diets, not so much a problem. Our country with our diet and our lifestyle, yes.

The best thing we can do to prevent heart disease, according to Dr. Wallach, is NO FRIED FOODS, the 90 nutrients essential to human health (all contained in the formula above) and special attention to essential fatty acids (E..F.A), selenium and vitamin E. Ginko Biloba and Hawthorne Berry, also contained in the formula above, are recommended by Dr. Wallach to help 'roto-route' out the veins and arteries.

Study after study has come down in favor of this very strategy. Add on one each of the Ultimate EFA Plus, Majestic Earth OsteoFx, Ultimate Enzymes, Ultimate Selenium, Beyond Juice, Ultimate OPC-T and Nature's Whey for a super duper extended Kink Kong Heart Pack

Foundational nutrition PLUS targeted support: at its best!*

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