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The Place to Start: Base Line Nutritional Program.

Whether your purpose in ordering Dr. Wallach's nutritional supplements is to maintain the state of health you currently enjoy or to prevent or reverse degenerative disease, Dr. Wallach's recommendation is always the same, "Start with the base line nutritional program. Take in all 90 nutrients essential to human health in a form the body can easily recognize and use." To accomplish this the best choice is a combination of Dr. Wallach's Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic, his Majestic Earth Minerals and Ultimate EFA. You will want to order enough of the three products, listed above, to be able to do the "saturation" intake. A one months supply at saturation for one adult would include two bottles each of the Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic, Majestic Earth Minerals and Ultimate EFA. Dr. Wallach advises that we saturate our body with nutrients the first 90 days to get up to speed. After 90 days you can cut back to a "maintenance" intake. The maintenance intake is proportional to body weight. Call us at 800-290-6124 to learn more details about the maintenance intake.

Particular Health Challenges: Specialty Products

We have seen many, many people achieve their health goals by simply following the suggestions above. If, however, you have particular health concerns, Dr. Wallach does offer a great number of specialty products. These would be added to the regimen described above. For musculo skeletal challenges two bottles of Ultimate GlucoGEL is a smart thing to add. For support of the heart muscle and the cardiovascular system add one bottle of Ultimate Cardio-FX to the monthly regimen. For challenges involving sugar cravings or blood sugar issues Ultimate SweetEZE does well to support blood sugar metabolism. To help support the musculo skeletal, the Majestic Earth OsteoFx is ideal or the Ultimate Cal if you prefer capsules. To tame inflamed and painful joints and restore limberness and flexibility consider ordering the CM Plus Capsules or CM Plus Cream (topical). For weight loss Dr. Wallach offers SlenderFx, Ultimate Resolution PM, Ultimate Resolution and Natures Whey. For support of the prostate gland Ultimate Prost-fx is great. For absorption concerns the Ultimate Enzymes are a good choice. To keep the immune system at full strength the best choices are Ultimate C-fx (extra vitamin C), Majestic Earth OxyBody (contains Aloe and oxygen), Noni Goose Juice or Ultimate Killer Biotic-fx (combination of propolis, immune enhancing herbs and nutrients). For concerns about copper or selenium deficiency Ultimate Selenium should be added. To protect against free radical damage Ultimate OPC-T or Ultimate Selenium is wonderful. For hormone balancing the Ultimate Balance Cream is a wise, natural alternative to estrogen replacement therapy and Balance FX contains important herbs and nutritional components in a capsule form to help with issues of hormonal balance. The personal care (Invision) products and the Home and Garden products are self-explanatory (Botanical Shampoo for hair, Laundry Detergent for laundry).

What Purpose do the OTHER Products Serve?

The products not mentioned above are: Majestic Earth Ultimate Tangy Tangerine, Majestic Earth CheriMins, Majestic Earth Herbal Rainforest, Majestic Earth Tropical Plus, Majestic Earth Sports TECH, Mineral CAPS, and Ultimate Daily. Each serves a particular purpose. The Majestic Earth Ultimate Tangy can be used as a substitute for the Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic. It tastes better but is missing a lot of calcium magnesium and zinc. So, although you get more nutrients for your money with the Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic, if you dislike the taste and are willing to get your calcium, magnesium and zinc from the Majestic Earth OsteoFx then the Tangy is a good choice. Majestic Earth Cheri-MINS are precisely the same as the Majestic Earth Minerals except they are flavored with a natural cherry flavor. Again, it is a question of taste. If you dont like the taste of the Majestic Earth Minerals then order the Cheri-MINS instead. The Majestic Earth Herbal Rainforest is another possible substitute for the Majestic Earth Minerals, you get the same spread and concentration of plant derived minerals but you also get a package of herbs, each of which confers a different health benefit (see Herbal Rainforest). The Majestic Earth Tropical Plus is a toned down version of the Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic more appropriate for children and the elderly. It is more gentle on the digestive tract. The Majestic Earth Sports Tech or Majestic Earth ReboundFx can be added on to the base line program for people who work their bodies hard and sweat a lot. It contains valuable electrolytes, the group of minerals we tend to lose quickly during exercise. The Mineral CAPS can be used as a substitute for the Majestic Earth Minerals. You get all the plant derived minerals but minus the water. The Ultimate Daily is the tablet form substitute for the Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic. Is is best to use the Classic but if you prefer not to use a liquid or find it inconvenient then a second best choice would be the tablets. The Mineral Caps and Ultimate Daily are ideal for travelers who find it difficult to travel with or refrigerate the liquid supplements.

Budget Considerations

If the base line nutritional program suggested above is too expensive for your budget, a second best choice would be to do the maintenance dose right from the beginning rather than starting with the saturation dose which is more expensive. If the maintenance dose is too expensive you might choose to saturate with the minerals and the minerals alone. After all, minerals are the one group of nutrients most difficult to obtain through diet. If the saturation intake on the minerals is too expensive then please consider doing at least the maintenance intake on the minerals. This is one ounce per 100 pounds of body weight per day. At this rate one bottle of the Majestic Earth Minerals would last a person weighing 100 pounds 32 days.

Here to Help

If we have fallen short of addressing your concerns please feel free to call us at 800-290-6124. We would be happy to help design a nutritional supplement regimen which meets your specific health and budgetary goals. Feel free to call us anytime if you have ANY questions or concerns.

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