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October 12, 2001

Dear Friends,

When it comes to most vendors you deal with the sale ends the relationship. Have your house painted, buy a hot tub or maybe a new car and the salesperson is you best friend until...the money changes hands. At Youngevity our orientation is a little different. We are not happy unless your are. We measure our success by your success on our products. Oftentimes, though, when it comes to reclaiming health and vigor through a naturopathic approach, your success depends on the degree to which you make use of the resources the company offers.

Your first order has arrived. You have read the written material which has been provided to you, listened to Dr. Wallach's tape but you are still not sure of how to use the stuff, how much to take, how often, what foods to avoid, if any, etc. Your first resource, your first line of defense, is always us, Don and myself. We field calls all day long at 800-290-6124. We are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We are in your corner. Put us to work. We welcome the chance to talk to you, the chance to make sure you get the most from your experience with Youngevity. If you don't care to call, you are welcome to write to me at questions@majesticearth-minerals.com. I am usually able to reply within 24 business hours. And remember, you can always visit our website (day or night). The site contains a great deal of information, including a question and answer section. The address: www.majesticearth-minerals.com.

What makes our company strong is that we are a network of folks interested in health through common sense, low tech means and, collectively, we bring a great deal of experience to the table. We want you to achieve whatever health goals you may have, whatever wealth goals you may have. Besides calling on Don and myself, know that you can "plug in" to the wider community at Youngevity. Every Thursday at 5 p.m. Pacific Coast time you can listen in on the Total Nutrition Conference Call by dialing 212-796-1700 (pin 3323). Total Nutrition is one of the most successful groups within Youngevity. Their insights are always worth noting and, typically, they open the conference call to questions and answers as well. Every Friday at 5 p.m. Pacific Coast time you can listen in on the Company conference call by dialing 918-222-7182 (pin 1257). This call is hosted by Herb LaMadrid, head of distributor relations at Youngevity. Herb invites a different speaker every week. Often Steve Wallach and sometimes Dr. Wallach will participate. If you have the Internet you can listen to Dr. Wallach weekdays from 12 noon to 1 p.m. Pacific Coast time by going to www.ksco.com and clicking "listen live." Also, you can talk to Dr. Wallach, himself (if your call gets through the traffic), ask him a question, weekdays from 12 noon to 1 p.m. Pacific Coast time, on air by calling 888-379-2552 or talk to him live 1 p.m to 2 p.m. Pacific Coast time, on air at 877-912-PLAY.

Besides the conference calls and live radio you can check out the company website at www.youngevity.net. There you can subscribe to the company newsletter, access important forms, read product content details, even use the Home Office (accessible from the home page) to see commission statements and read down line reports and place orders. Through the Longevity Institute (accessible from home page) you can read up on important, breaking nutrition information, browse through an extensive archive of research, and even have health questions answered by email by a panel of professionals.

A full catalog of Dr. Wallach's educational tools, books, video and audio tapes, magazines, brochures, software can be ordered from Wellness at 800-755-4656. Discount prices on audio tapes are possible from San Diego Audio at 800-900-8273. If you want to take a tour of our Home Office in Chula Vista, CA speak to Herb LaMadrid at 800-982-3189 ext. 5102. Probably the richest mix of information and inspiration is yours for attending our annual Convention, the next one to be held in San Diego. Call 800-344-2626 for details and to make your reservation. If you want to tour our mine in Utah and learn about how our product is made, that, too, can be arranged. Best to call 800-290-6124 for that.

CM Plus Cream is our newest product. I'll close this issue with a report from a woman, Deanne Hudson is her name, who was one of the first to start using the cream. Deanne and her husband live just outside San Diego in a rural area. Her husband is a chef at a restaurant in town. Deanne works cleaning houses. In addition to housecleaning it has been Deanne's job to carry five gallon buckets of food scraps out to the pigs every evening. She gets the food scraps from the restaurant where her husband works. Both housecleaning and raising pigs are very physical work. Last spring Deanne noticed a tenderness in her right shoulder. Soon even her skin, there, became sensitive to touch. The joint, itself, screamed at her when she moved her arm. The pain grew worse and worse. It traveled to her left shoulder. Eventually the pain immobilized her, forcing her to train her daughter to service her housecleaning accounts and feed the pigs. At the doctor's office she was told "brusitis" and prescribed anti-inflammatory medicine. The medicine made her sick. Napersan, Viox, Celebrex, all caused allergic reaction swelling her face, feet, ankles and legs. On August 18, 2001, though Deanne's fortune began to change. She happened to be at the right place at the right time. The place was Youngevity Headquarters and the occasion was a rally at which a developer of the cream, Dr. Patrick Milsap, spoke and, at one point handed Deanne the first bottle of the CM Plus cream to be released to the public. Now from Deanne: "At the time I could not put my arm behind my back or put my right arm up to my left shoulder. My shoulder really hurt that day from the chairs we were sitting in. I started using the cream four times a day. My recovery went in stages. First stage was within 24 hours. I thought, 'Wow,' I can touch the skin around my shoulder without discomfort. In the next day or two I noticed all the aching which was closer to the surface and that would shoot down through my shoulder, the aching while stationary, disappeared! Then it took a while until I could notice that the cream was reaching deeper into the joint. It did, though, and gradually I regained range of motion. Now, six weeks since August 18th, though I exercise caution when lifting, I can put my hand over my head, behind my back, I can stretch, touch my left shoulder: I can do anything and everything I could do before all this hit. I feel so much better. It is amazing. I drive my little manual shift Honda now, I have resumed cleaning houses. I just can't recommend it enough, I really can't."

This month and this month only subscribers to the newsletter can receive one jar of CM Plus Cream for FREE with the purchase of two bottles of the CM Plus Capsules. Just call us at 800-290-6124 and mention this offer or order online at www.majesticearth-minerals.com and mention "Newsletter Offer" to receive your free jar. We want you to experience the power and effectiveness of these products first hand. Best of Health to You.

Stu Hunt and Don Ellis.

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