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Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in America, killing more Americans than the next seven causes of death combined (including cancer)! In fact, according to the American Heart Association, nearly 62 million Americans suffer from some form of cardiovascular disease and over one million succumb each year. Given this worrisome state of affairs, we feel we owe it to our subscribers to devote an entire newsletter to the issue of cardiovascular disease. Much of the information that follows is courtesy of Dr. Paula Bickel, a good friend and colleague of Dr. Wallach's, who has read extensively on the subject of heart disease and reports to us, some of the latest findings.

Though heart disease takes many forms, coronary aneurysm, arrhythmia, coronary thrombosis, congestive heart failure, etc., arteriosclerosis is perhaps its most common. Put simply arteriosclerosis is the clogging up of our arteries with deposits of plaque (fatty, cholesterol laden obstructions). Where do these deposits come from? Why do they occur? How can we prevent their occurrence or, once upon us, rid ourselves of them?

It all starts with damage to the linings of our arteries. The fibrous, muscle like tissue which lines the walls of our arteries is composed of cells which happen to be particularly vulnerable to free radical damage. Free radicals are a fact of life, they are a by product of human metabolism. Everyone has them by the million, streaming through their body, carried all around by, you guessed it, blood. Stress, too, plays a role in vascular injury. Just as when you squeeze down on a garden hose stress will cause pressure to rise and, by definition, a greater mechanical force exerted against the walls of our arteries. So, stress and free radicals nick and tear at our arterial walls. And, with each, event, with each even tiny, injury the body responds just as it would respond if there were a nick or tear on the surface of our skin. First, it lays down a layer of fibrinogen, a sort of fishnet nylon structured protein. Unfortunately, the rough, scabby surface of the fibrinogen tends to snag certain sorts of fat molecules as they pass along in the blood stream and the fat molecules, in turn, act as a sort of mineral magnet. Minerals, particularly calcium, particularly unescorted calcium (calcium not accompanied by nutrient cofactors such as magnesium, manganese, Vitamin D, etc.) will fall out of solution in the presence of fat molecules and attach to the fat. In this way a fatty mineral deposit begins to encrust the "scab." Because the mineral deposit is hard (hardening of the arteries) and because arteries must remain supple and flexible to help the heart move blood out to the extremities, the body responds to this emergency situation by coating the site with cholesterol. Cholesterol restores arterial flexibility but it is this mass of cholesterol, fat, calcium, fibrinogen, etc. that can ultimately impede / block the flow of blood and cause big problems. Cholesterol does not CAUSE the problem, (it is used, actually, to restore flexibility to hardened arteries -- to save your life!) but it is one ingredient or component of the obstruction (i.e. present at the scene of the crime).

It is a shame that so many doctors want to treat arteriosclerosis by feeding us cholesterol-lowering drugs. Many of these drugs can cause severe calcium depletion and put a lot of stress on the liver. Far wiser, many suggest, to reclaim cardiovascular health without drugs. What can we do? For one, reduce stress and reduce the population of free radicals. That is where all the trouble starts, after all. Anti-oxidants such as Vitamin A, C & E (MEU Classic is rich in these), Selenium (Ultimate Selenium is a marvelous source) and OPC-T (in the Ultimate OPC-T) act as free radical scavengers, annihilating hundreds of thousands throughout the day. We need to dramatically reduce refined carbohydrate and sugar intake, switch to a protein rich diet. The more calories we take in the more free radicals are produced and sugar and carbs have the highest concentration of calories. Also, elevated blood sugar levels trigger insulin release and excess insulin is converted to triglycerides in the liver. Elevated triglyceride (fatty sugar) levels and elevated homocystine (amino acid caused by a lack of folic acid and B complex Vitamins -- again the MEU Classic is useful) levels are major markers for cardiovascular disease since both, by nature, are very sluggish, loving to lay about and clog up the works.

One of the best things we can do to prevent / reverse cardiovascular disease from the point of view of nutrition is be sure we are taking in enough cystenine or sulfur-containing amino acids. Sulfur amino acids are the body's natural way of cleaning house or, as Dr. Wallach puts it, they can "roto-route" the veins and arteries. Our Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic, Ultimate Daily, CardioFx and Ultimate Selenium all weigh in with heavy portions of sulfur amino acids.

Another strategy for dealing with cardiovascular disease is to come at it from the point of view of blood flow. Doctors like to prescribe Coumadin. Gingko behaves the exact same way biochemically as Coumadin. A coronary thrombosis results from a blood clot. B-Complex vitamins can dissolve such clots and keep them from forming. Again, use plenty of the MEU Classic and our other products like Ultimate CardioFx and Ultimate Daily. EFA deficiency will cause blood platelets to stick together. One of the best things you can do for your heart, even the conservative American Heart Association admits to this one, is supplement with high quality essential fatty acids (EFA) at the rate of 9 to 15 grams every day. Dr. Wallach's EFA Plus and regular Ultimate EFA are perfect.

Some forms of heart disease like coronary aneurysm, stroke, etc., have to do with the thinning rather than thickening of the arterial wall. Here the body fails to renew and maintain vital tissue. This can be due to a lack of the proper ingredients. Vascular tissue gets its strength and flexibility from the production of collagen and collagen is made from Vitamin C (in most of our vitamin products, very high in the Ultimate Cfx ), high quality protein (Nature's Whey can't be topped) and the mineral copper (Ultimate Selenium). Congestive heart failure is also related to poor maintenance of the tissue of the heart muscle. All the above nutrients are important here, plus glucosamine sulfate, found in the Ultimate GlucoGEL, B complex, found in the MEU Classic, Vitamin E and the essential fatty acids (Ultimate EFA). CardioFx is the best choice for maintaining the health of the heart muscle.

More people die of cardiac arrhythmias than heart attacks. Certainly it is far more dangerous. Insufficient intake of the major minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium will cause cardiac arrhythmia. Eating properly and supplementing with the essential 90 is a must.

Once upon a time doctors relied nearly exclusively on a measurement of triglycerides and cholesterol levels to establish risk for cardiovascular disease. Now much more reliable markers are available. Homocystine levels are measured. This reveals what a person's free radical load is. Measurement of the presence of fibrinogen is another marker, as is a measure of the proportion of "good" cholesterol (HDL) high-density lipoprotein, to "bad" cholesterol (LDL) low-density lipoprotein. High-density lipoproteins (HDL) circulate in the bloodstream carrying cholesterol from body tissues and transporting it to the liver for excretion or recycling. HDL is better known by the term "good cholesterol." Increased levels of HDL have been correlated with a decreased risk of arteriosclerosis. Low-density lipoproteins (LDL), on the other hand, are cholesterol-laden lipids (fats) which, though they do play many positive roles in the body, are not desirable at disproportionately high levels (more than three to one -- three LDL for one HDL) or they overwhelm the HDL transport system and begin to pose a risk to cardiovascular health. People worry about high cholesterol numbers but as long as the proportion of LDL to HDL is kept at three to one (ideal) or thereabouts the total count is irrelevant. Regular exercise, EFA supplementation and a healthy intake of sulfur amino acids will go a long way in boosting HDL numbers and lowering LDL numbers.

If one examines the content list for Dr. Wallach's Ultimate CardioFx and Ultimate Daily and MEU Classic the five pronged strategy of reducing free radical stress (arteriosclerosis), providing raw materials necessary to maintaining tissue integrity (aneurysm), providing sufficient levels of major minerals (see arrhythmia), reducing LDL, homocysteine and tryglyceride levels (arteriosclerosis) and finally achieving and maintaining free flowing blood (thrombosis), becomes clear. In the CardioFx, for example, we see:

  • Vitamin C: Needed to produce fibrin the collagen of the heart and collagen needed to maintain strong, flexible, supple vascular tissue.
  • Niacin: Lowers LDL cholesterol and dilates blood vessels and prevents blood clots.
  • Vitamin B-6: Along with Folic Acid and Niacin and Vitamin B-12, these B complex vitamins play an immense role in lowering homocysteine levels.
  • Magnesium: Helps keep calcium from dropping out of solution.
  • L-Taurine: The body "cleans house" with sulfur amino acids.
  • Garlic Bulb: Lowers LDL cholesterol.
  • ACL: Acetyl-L-Carnitine inhibits excessive release of the stress hormone cortisol.
  • Ginkgo: Acts, biochemically, just like Coumadin with none of the nasty side effects. Helps keep blood thin and free flowing.
  • NAC: N-Acetyl-Cysteine inhibits oxidation of LDL cholesterol. Can lower lipoprotein levels by 70%. Raises cysteine levels. Is a precursor to glutathione the body's very own, most potent, in house anti-oxidant.
  • CoEQ10: Coenzyme Q-10 is an heart enzyme which, if depleted sufficiently can virtually predict a heart attack with dead certainty.
  • Hawthorne: Hawthorne Berry protects arterial walls, dilates coronary blood vessels (the vessels supplying the heart with vital oxygen, blood and nutrients) and strengthens its pumping ability. The most prescribed heart remedy in Europe.

Combining the CardioFx with the Daily and MEU Classic adds on an even greater armory of intense anti-oxidants, major minerals, B complex vitamins, sulfur amino acids, co-enzyme Q10, important herbs like Bilberry fruit, copper, etc.

Of course, it would take pages and pages to list all the ingredients and benefits of the Dr. Wallach products, which help to support cardiovascular health. Bottom line is, what should we be doing in terms of diet, lifestyle choices and supplementation to give ourselves a fighting chance against the number one killer in America. We will close with a summary of the findings, again, all courtesy of Dr. Wallach and Dr. Bickel.

DIET: Switch from a carbohydrate (starch & sugar) rich diet to a protein rich diet. Don't overcook your meat. Burned fat is dangerous. Fresh vegetables and fruits especially tomatoes are good. No sweets. Avoid all trans fatty acids (margarine, processed or "fake" food, vegetable oils, salad dressings, etc.) since they will populate your body with free radicals. Substitute butter for margarine. Eat more salmon and tuna. Limit refined grains.

LIFESTYLE: Stay active. Exercise every day. Rigorous walking is excellent for the cardiovascular system. Trim excess pounds by reducing caloric intake and exercising more. Don't smoke. Don't drink to excess, although there is some evidence to show that one glass of wine a day is good for the heart. Reduce stress by employing strategies to help reduce anger and fear in your life.

SUPPLEMENTATION: Here the best choice is Dr. Wallach's very own King Kong Cardio Pack augmented by one EFA Plus, one OsteoFx, one Enzyme, one Selenium, one OPC-T, one Nature's Whey and one Beyond Juice. This, of course, is the super-duper, the ideal. It gives you all the fighting power and staying power we can muster. Compared to triple bypass surgery or a lifetime of dependency on pharmaceuticals, it stands as the bargain of all bargains. Still, if your budget won't allow the full Monty, give us a call at 800-290-6124 and we will figure out a modified version of the above.

Best of health to you, Stu Hunt
Don Ellis

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