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Dear Friends, www.drwallachsminerals.com

Most of you know that Dr. Wallach and Youngevity give you free shipping and handling on all AutoShip orders. What many of you may not know is that, now, the company has taken the "AutoPilot" out of "AutoShip." That's right, with the new AutoShip you are never stuck with an order you don't want or can't use quick enough. Your order still arrives at your doorstep on an automatic, once-per-month, basis but now YOU can change your order contents month to month (if you so desire). Also, there is NO minimum quantity. Now you can set up an AutoShip account for yourself and change your AutoShip order month to month (or keep it the same) all online, all with a few taps at the keyboard and all in less than five minutes! One month you might want to get your standard two bottles of Majestic Earth Minerals and two bottles of Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic and the next you might want to try the MEU Tangy Tangerine and ME OsteoCAL instead. NO PROBLEM!

Here is how it works: First you need two numbers. You need your Youngevity ID # and you need your Home Office Personal Identification Number (PIN). To learn what these numbers are call 800-982-3189 between 8am and 5pm California time, Monday through Friday. Select option #2, Customer Service. Identify yourself. Tell them you want your Youngevity ID # and your Home Office PIN number. Armed with these two numbers go online to www.youngevity.com. Skip the intro page and then select the "Home Office" tab. Now you are looking at a log in box. In the first field type your Youngevity ID #. In the last field type your PIN number (password). No other information is required. Hit "Continue." Next page hit the "Private Office" option or if you don't see that just go straight to the "View / Modify AutoShip" area. If you go to Private Office you will see your name and some more options. Now select "View / Modify AutoShip Order" and then just follow the directions. It's easy and it is fast! If you have ANY questions call us anytime at 800-290-6124.

Sometimes people ask us, "When can I stop supplementing?" If your goal is to give your body the raw materials it needs to function optimally the answer is, "Never." We all need to take in all 90 essential nutrients every day. Going on AutoShip, then, is an effective way to invest in your long term health. It's a GREAT insurance policy. You will never run out of product. Few of us go without eating for very long. We wouldn't consider not breathing for any length of time or not drinking water. Over the long term, intake of essential nutrients is just as vital to optimal human health as is the intake of food, air and water.

Because all shipping and handling is waived on AutoShip orders you save $4.50 or 7% whichever is greater. If your AutoShip order is over 100 Bonus Volume Points (Bv) and you are registered with Youngevity as an "Associate," the company issues you a volume rebate check for a minimum of 3%. If you don't happen to be an Associate right now, you can upgrade your status to Associate online, in the same Private Office area where you set up your AutoShip. Just follow the directions. If you are an Associate and you wish to qualify your account for Quick Start you can do so, automatically, by setting yourself up for AutoShip at 140 Bv per month. Quick Start pays 20% commissions on all first time, first level purchases up to 300 Bv. I understand that many of you have no interest in commissions but if you do please consider AutoShip as a way to consistently keep your account qualified to receive Quick Start. For more on Quick Start link here.

To sum up, then, AutoShip helps you reach your long term health goals, saves you money and, if you have an interest in it, positions you to receive higher commissions. It is easy to set up and easy to modify month by month. If you ever want to cancel completely all you do is download a Cancel AutoShip Form from the same Private Office area mentioned above, sign the form and mail it in to our Home Office to be effective the month following.

Any changes to AutoShip must be made the month previous. For example, if you want your October shipment to include an extra bottle of GlucoGEL you must go online and make the changes before the last day of September. Same goes for canceling AutoShip. The Cancel form must be received by our California office no later than the last business day of the month.

When you set up your AutoShip order be sure to check out the rest of the Home Office features. We are SO lucky! The use of Home Office is totally free! Other companies charge for such a feature. On Home Office a person can monitor downline activity, download forms, listen to archived conference calls, place orders, read commission statements, set up and modify AutoShip, etc. Poke around. It's fun!

Hope everyone likes our new two to three week cycle on the newsletters versus the old four to five weeks. Stay tuned for more.

Stu Hunt
Don Ellis

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