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Lemon -- 10 ml
Lemon  --  10 ml Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 67026
Price: $27.80

In the world of the Aromatherapy, the stringent, citrus aroma of Lemon has long been associated with air and water purity (ever wonder why they ask you if you want lemon in your water at the restaurant?), heartburn, anti-parasitic, germicide, and red and white blood cell formation. Lemon can help contain and care for infectious diseases, especially colds and fevers. Its scent also helps to increase concentration and neutralizes unpleasent odors. Lemon oil is a must for every aroma therapy kit. Lemon has an uplifting fresh citrus scent, has some immediate purifying qualities and may help to settle the digestive system. It is an agreeable fragarance and flavor the kids will love.

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