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Dr. Wallach's Slender Meal Replacement Shake Chocolate -- 30 Servings
Dr. Wallach's Slender Meal Replacement Shake Chocolate -- 30 Servings Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 21023C
Price: $39.00

Slender Meal Replacement Shake

The Ultimate High Energy Source - Sustain high energy levels throughout your day physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Ultimate Taste - Full flavored natural variety of tastes available by combining with your choice of fruit to achieve a thick milk shake style drink.

Easy to Use - Mix with water, non-fat or 1% milk and 1 -2 cups of your favorite fruit, blend and drink.

Ultimate Control - Conquer your food cravings with Youngevity's Ultimate Slender Meal Replacement Shake as a regular part of your nutrition.

Whey is the purest, richest, most complete and bio-available protein source known to man. Slender Meal Replacement Shake contains pure whey protein, soy protein and various vitamins and minerals as co-factors. But wait a minute, eggs, meat, beans and rice contain protein. Why even bother with whey? Donít we get plenty of protein from our daily diet? Yes, we do get SOME protein from our diet (thus we are able to make LIMITED use of the other nutrients we take in). But here is the problem: When you heat protein, when you cook meat, fry eggs, etc. it de-natures the protein, diminishes its value and usefulness. Also, some protein, is difficult for the body to use. Bean protein, for example, gets a 60 from nutritionists in terms of bio-availability. The body must work very hard to use bean protein, to break down the food and to make use of the various components it contains. For nutritionists eggs are the standard in bio-availability. Eggs get a 100. Eggs are an excellent food. But who eats raw eggs? Whey protein is cold protein. No need to cook it It dissolves instantly in cold water. Whey protein gets a 150 or 160 from nutritionists! It is, simply put, the very best.

One of the most difficult and taxing tasks our bodies perform each and every day is digesting food, breaking food down, chemically, and putting the nutrients they contain to use. When foods are broken down, digested, Ďburned,í for lack of a better term, free radicals are produced, (waste products, toxins). Free radicals are dangerous. The tissue found in the linings of veins and arteries is particularly susceptible to free radical damage, to cellular degeneration. Weakened arterial linings serve as perfect hosts for the deposit of plaque and cholesterol. As plaque builds and blocks arteries, heart disease ensues (stroke, heart attack, thrombosis, etc.). Heart disease is a top killer in America. Whey protein, cold protein, not only reduces digestive demand, the body uses whey protein to manufacture Glutathione which is its number one anti-oxidant (free radical scavenger). Ingestion of whey protein stimulates the vagus nerve and produces satiety (feeling that our apatite has been satisfied) which means we donít want or need to eat as much. Not only that but whey protein helps build and repair connective tissue in veins and arteries (along with copper, collagen, etc.) and helps to escort fats, transport them (lipo-proteins) and make use of them. The last thing in the world a heart patient wants is unescorted fat in his or her coronary arteries. The body uses whey protein to produce valuable metabolic enzymes which play a crucial role in providing us with energy, fueling every function, speeding up reactions and chemical transfers within the body. Whey protein combined with Vitamin C and fiber helps lower cholesterol. Cholesterol lowering drugs are among the most dangerous drugs prescribed, today.

The benefits of whey protein go on and on. We have all been warned by Dr. Wallach concerning the danger of sugar. If you ingest whey protein when you are craving sugar you will stop wanting sugar. This is because whey protein induces satiety, number one, and number two it stimulates production of the hormone, glucagone. Glucagon is a hormone of energy burning whereas insulin, its counterpart, is a hormone of energy storage. Carbohydrates stimulate the production of insulin. With insulin present the storage mechanisms of the body kick in and excess blood sugar is stored as fat.

Whey protein is perfect for losing weight not only because it stimulates the production of glucagon, taming insulin levels, but also because it provides the body with the raw materials it needs to build muscle tissue. Especially while we sleep the body uses whey protein to build and repair muscle and connective tissue. The metabolic requirements of muscle tissue is significantly higher than that of fat. Thus the higher muscle to fat ratio we have the easier it is for us to burn calories.

We all want to live long and healthy lives yet we swill down coffee and fill our faces with carbohydrates and sugars. This is akin to feeding a fire with high octane gasoline. We burn up and we burn out. Far better to avoid carbos (we need some complex carbohydrates) and feed the fire with slow burning logs, with protein, rather than gas (sugars). If insulin levels are held in balance the production of cortisol is kept in check. Cortisol is a stress hormone. It can cannibalize the system, tearing into reserves, undermining immune response, putting delicate tissue at risk.

Whey protein is rich in albumen. Albumen helps keep fluid where it belongs (inside cells--not leaking into ankles and belly) and it acts as a buffer, neutralizing acid in the blood. One of the primary causes of tissue degeneration and aging is low blood ph (acid).

Whey protein contains the amino acids which help build structure to your face. If you are getting wrinkles and the collagen in your face is shriveling up because of aging you donít need collagen cream. It wonít do you much good. What you need is whey protein. Whey protein provides your body with the ingredients it needs to manufacture its own collagen, deliver the collagen to where it is deficient and make use of it.

Free radicals create an environment in which cells are susceptible to mutation. When cell chemistry goes haywire and cells begin to mutate, to divide in an inappropriate manner, this is termed "cancer." Whey protein is so rich in Glutathione, the bodies primary anti-oxidant, that when you inject whey protein into a tumor the tumor shrivels.

In summary, if you want to give your skin, your bones, your teeth, your joints, your immune system, your cardio-vascular system, your digestive system, the support they require to function optimally and the protection they need to continue to serve, by all means consider ordering the newest addition to the Youngevity product line, "Slender Meal Replacement Shake." It costs $33.50 per canister (powder). Buy one canister per month at a minimum and use at the rate of one scoop immediately when you rise and one scoop immediately prior to bed. As a serious weight loss tool or health aid consider buying three or four canisters per month and drinking down one or two scoops prior to every meal in addition to using just before sleep and after rising. Slender Meal Replacement Shake is the perfect complement to the Majestic Earth. Minerals and Majestic Earth Ultimate Classic. In fact, you should mix your Minerals and Classic in with your whey.

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