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Ultimate Selenium -- 90 Capsules
Ultimate Selenium  --  90 Capsules Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 20971F
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Dr. Wallach's Ultimate Selenium

Selenium is referred to by many as the 'wonder nutrient.' And it's no wonder since selenium has been shown to shield against some cancers, up to 69%, strengthen the heart muscle, increase some immune factors by 79%, help prevent and treat cystic fibrosis and can lift mood and reduce anxiety and act as a powerful anti-oxidant!! Besides selenium Dr. Wallach's Ultimate Selenium contains copper, vanadium and chromium and zinc, all phenomenal nutrients in their own right: COPPER is believed to prevent and help reverse white or gray hair, wrinkles, sagging skin, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, stroke and aortic aneurism (each of which has as its origin the break down of the elastic fibers in the arteries, skin and other tissues); CHROMIUM AND VANADIUM are believed to prevent and help to reverse sugar cravings and any type of condition brought on by blood sugar instability, including hypoglycemia and diabetes; ZINC is believed to prevent and help to reverse acne, depression, anorexia, fatigue, impotence and infertility.

Selenium is one of the most widely-studied minerals known today. The human body needs trace amounts of selenium to perform a variety of functions, including synthesizing antioxidants shown to protect against cell-damaging free radicals. Since selenium can’t be manufactured by the human body, it has to be obtained from diet or supplements. Ultimate™ Selenium™ provides a wide range of trace minerals, vitamins and other nutrients to support good health. For best results, use Ultimate™ Selenium™ as part of a full nutritional program that also includes Majestic Earth® Ultimate Classic® and Ultimate EFA™.*

One Free Product with $200 Minimum Purchase

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