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Dr. Wallach's Ultimate E.F.A. -- 60 Softgels
Dr. Wallach's Ultimate E.F.A. -- 60 Softgels Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 20641
Price: $20.50
Dr. Wallach's Ultimate E.F.A. Gelcaps

We all know about the 'bad fats,' the fats that kill. Essential fatty acids are the 'good fats,' the 'good guys.' They help keep our skin looking fresh and young, our heart, liver and kidneys functioning optimally, our joints well lubricated and our hair looking great. Before you buy EFA's from a competitor check to see if they contain Omega 3, Omega 6 AND Omega 9 as do Dr. Wallach's Ultimate EFA.


ORDER BY THE CASE AND SAVE!  Starting January 1, 2006 American Longevity offers you the opportunity to order selected products by the case (four individual units) and save money in the process.  To take advantage of our case discount on this product, please order below.

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